Spring fever and opium for people. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“Amid the spring fever, the Moldovan Communist-Socialists staged a unique performance, switching over from the modernist isms (communism, socialism, Putinism etc.) to the post-modernist ideological porridge that incorporates the Christian and pagan values, these being the new ingredients of the opium for the people...”

Updating of duality

Different diseases usually become more acute in spring, including the mental ones. This phenomenon manifests itself mostly among politicians. This way, instead of helping the ordinary citizens to cope in the turbulent torrent of political processes at local and regional levels, the Moldovan politicians managed to disorient them further. For example, year by year these celebrate concomitantly Easter, boasting that they were the first who brought the Holy Fire from Jerusalem and render images to the Bolshevik leader, militant atheist Vladimir Lenin, who embodies Antichrist

Why does it happen so and who the Communist-Socialist leaders in Moldova believe in actually – in Jesus Christ and in his antipode? The answer to this question can be found in the classical Marxism-Leninism, which explained that religion is the opium of the people. This thing is confirmed by Ilich’s nephew, when this behaves piously, realizing that money makes the mare go. In fact, the Moldovan Communist-Socialists realize that they are secondary actors of a theater of the absurd. Their contemporary idol Vladimir Putin recently explained to them that there is no major difference between Christ and his antipode: “Lenin was placed in a mausoleum. What are his relics different from the relics of saints for the Orthodox people, for the Christians? When they tell me that there is no such a tradition in Christianity, I say, why not, go to Athos and see that there are relics and we also have holy relics here”. This is how Moscow’s pretentions to become the Third Rome and build an authentic monument of the pre-Christian paganism in the center of this megalopolis harmonize with each other.

It is the opportune moment to underline here the fact that Patriarch Tikhon, about 100 years ago, anticipated the equating of the Christian relics with Communist relics exhibited in the mausoleum. In this regard, Patriarch Tikhon, following the flooding of the mausoleum after a sewer pipe burst, noticed that there was chrism behind the relicts, with which the Bolshevik leader was rubbed. It is not a joke as this fact was confirmed by Lenin’s deputy Vladimir Bonch-Bruyevich. The sad truth is that one year later, the Patriarch died, being allegedly poisoned. After consulting The Leniniana of whiter Venedikt Erofeev, gleaned from original documents and from complete works of the leader of world proletariat, we can accept the commission of any crimes and horrors by the Bolsheviks – mass killing of class enemies who included the Patriarch, organization of the red terror, concentration camps, etc. These were all planned by Ilich. Over 10 million people were killed in the civil war that was triggered by the Bolsheviks! This is who the Communist-Socialist leaders in the Republic of Moldova commemorate at least three times a year.

There is yet a reason for concern for the Moldovan Communist-Socialists. On the one hand, they have to render homage to Ilich. On the other hand, they need to take into account the furious attitude of Vladimir Putin to the Bolshevik leader who allegedly created Ukraine. They say the latter detached itself from the USSR together with the territories that Putin considers presents of the Russian people and that he now tries to get back by the so-called special military operation. In such circumstances the peak of hypocrisy is that the Communist-Socialist leaders pretend not to realize what is going on in Ukraine and that the Republic of Moldova also received presents from the Russian people.  

Promotion of symbols of discord

To remain in Vladimir Putin’s good graces, the Moldovan Communist-Socialists resort to all kinds of humiliation. The leaders of these openly say that they will break the law, encouraging disobedience of the law for the sake of the promotion of the symbols of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. They even complained about the banning in the Republic of Moldova of the symbols of aggression in programs of TV channels of Russia, where practically all the freedoms of the people are brutally limited and where they insist on the necessity of introducing full censorship on the part of the state. Surely, if the lack of a difference between the relicts respected by the Christians and those respected by the Antichrists is accepted, why shouldn’t pluralism not be promoted in the Republic of Moldova on TV channels that insist on the toughening up of censorship in Russia? What is accepted as useful for Russia is considered noxious for Moldova. This is how the dialectical logic of the Moldovan Communist-Socialists looks like.

An element of discord associated with spring fever refers to the alleged author of the billion theft. The party that rules in the Republic of Moldova at present came to power also because they promised to complete the investigation into the theft of the century. For now, nothing is known about the results achieved in this regard. Instead, one of the Communist-Socialist leaders, who attended the wedding party of the main suspect, Ilan Shor, found a reason to declare him a real patriot because he contributed to bringing the Holy Fire from Jerusalem to Chisinau for Easter. We can admit that a real patriot for the sake of fame is willing to spend several thousand dollars from a stolen billion, but the Metropolitan Church of Moldova considered it necessary to deny this assertion. In fact, either this is true or not no longer matters. What matters is that Ilan Shor acquired the title of real patriot. This is how things are done in a Communist-Socialist style.


Amid the spring fever, the Moldovan Communist-Socialists staged a unique performance, switching over from the modernist isms (communism, socialism, putinism etc.) to the post-modernist ideological porridge that incorporates the Christian and pagan values, these being the new ingredients of the opium for the people.

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