Coincidence? I don’t think so! Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“As regards the practically concomitant publication of the strategy of the president of the Izborsk Club and the announcement by the Moldovan expert of the Russian imperial movement of his intention to compete in the presidential elections ... Coincidence? I don’t think so!...

Propagandistic acrobatics

The propagandists’ ball started ahead of the campaign prior to the presidential elections of November 1. These try to persuade us that it is not good to believe in the objective existence of things we see with our own eyes. No, the truth can be served only by them, the propagandists. For example, they urge us not to believe that there was money in the bags we saw around a famous Moldovan politician. What can we reply to this? Let’s admit that the propagandists are right, but what attitude the people should have to the things stated (min.0.38 – 0.46) by the given politician about the financing of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) by the Russian giant Gazprom, which pays by $700,000-800,000 a month for maintaining the PSRM? The propagandists avoid answering such questions. It’s a simple chess game...

In such circumstances, the citizens have the right to put the following question – if a politician accepts the money of Gazprom, why wouldn’t they also accept the oligarchs’ money? As the source of money in both of the cases is the Moldova citizen. In the case of Gazprom, the poor Moldovan citizen pays for Russian gas a price that is at least two times higher than the price paid by the very rich European citizen. So, the Russian giant has from where to pay for the activities of the PSRM, which creates favorable conditions for it this way. In the case of the oligarchs, the money is simply stolen from Moldovans by different schemes, as it happened in the case of the bank fraud and not only. In both of the cases, what is important is that the frauds have patriotic roots, which is they were committed with the Moldovans’ money, not with the money of Americans or Europeans who lack spirituality.

In the election campaign, in order to spare shrewd politicians from the necessity of responding to eventual inconvenient questions put by opponents, the propagandists recommend them not to take part in debates. The political opponents of the shrewd ones will be dealt with by the propagandistic machinery launched at maximum speed through the agency of the famous media holding, a multitude of anonymous websites and blogs, trolls, etc. What is important is that this propagandistic machinery should persuade the citizens that the opoonents represent interests foreign to the national ones, the last being the concern only of those who are financed by Gazprom. The activity of the propagandist, who in his postings confirms without hesitation that he represents the Moldovan branch of the Russian imperial movement, which is the famous Izborsk Club, is an excellent relevant example.

Recommendations formulated by president of Isborsk Club

All kinds of strategies are worked out before the election campaign. To better understand what goals the candidates actually pursue, it is important to understand their international affiliations. This way, one of the politicians who announced their candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections is among the experts of the Izborsk Club. In this regard, it was curious to see that right the next day after this announced his participation in the presidential elections, the president of the Izborsk Club Alexandr Prohanov published a strategic article entitled: From Tiraspol to Vladivistok, which can and should be interpreted as assistance in working out the electoral strategy of the Moldovan expert of the Izborsk Club:

  • Future geopolitics envisions the extension of the Eurasian state from Tiraspol to Vladivostok, including the joining of Transnistria through the Ukrainian corridor that stretches from Odessa to Mariupol and Donetsk;
  • The inclusion of these territories in the makeup of Russia will mean implementation of the plan of Big Novorossiya, which is part of the Great Russia. This means the joining of Transnistria, which is liked by Russia. This is the model of those who think profoundly geostrategically;
  • No one has yet announced the conception of the state from Tiraspol to Vladivostok, even if there are no doubts that such a conception is discussed in the quiet offices of the army’s General Staff, in the corridors of the presidential administration, in the Security Council and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • If this secret, invisible for the people model starts to be put into practice, Putin will regain his mystic reputation of re-unifier of the Russian land and will re-occupy the leading place in the Russian history from where he started to be gradually eliminated after the failures in Donbas etc.

This manifesto has to be accepted as a guide for action for the members and experts of the Izborsk Club and for the Moldovan branch of the club. Surely, the declared goals will be camouflaged, but will be no way ignored, while public opinion’s attention will be for now aimed, as usual, at speculations about the dangers coming from the U.S., the EU and especially George Soros’ network. In fact, why should we be surprised that the Russian imperial movement asks back the Russian people’s present?  

Conclusions and recommendations

What should the propagandists affiliated to the Izbosk Club do to convince us that there is not money, but something else in the bags used by Moldovan politicians? They should probably ask for assistance from the Belarusian intelligence services that can do the impossible, including to wiretap encrypted conversations between the European chancelleries. If these managed to do something like this, it’s hard to believe that they do not have classified information about the content of Moldovan politicians’ bags as this is strategic information for keeping them under control. If we ask him, President Lukashenko will show us his benevolence, especially because the Moldovan President recognized the reelection of his Belarusian counterpart. As they say, ask and it will be given to you!

As regards the practically concomitant publication of the strategy of the president of the Izborsk Club and the announcement by the Moldovan expert of the Russian imperial movement of his intention to compete in the presidential elections ... Coincidence? I don’t think so!   

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