Ultima ratio. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“That’s why, even if eventually the Șor Party is declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court, this will most probably continue to cannibalize the PSRM through the agency of the so-called Movement for People...

Communist-Socialist march vs. Șorist march

Each year on May 9, the Moldovan Communist-Socialists mount what they call the Victory  March. This year, the Communist-Socialist monopoly over the Victory March was destroyed by the Șor Party that decided to stage an alternative march. This is the manifestation of one of the phases of the competition between the two pro-Russian political camps in the Republic of Moldova. The competition started some time earlier with the cannibalization of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) by the Șorist one that resorted to the corrupting of Socialist MPs initially and then of tens of mayors, and recently also of the largest part of the Socialist voters in Gagauzia.

As we convinced ourselves, the given competition is in full swing and advanced even to the encroachment by the Șor Party on the Communist-Socialist monopoly over the marches held to celebrate Victory Day. In such circumstances, in order to protect the ideological baggage from the Șorist attacks, the Moldovan Communist-Socialists resorted to the ultima ratio – carrying during the Victory march of a giant portrait of the Communist tyrant Joseph Stalin, who is considered the artisan of victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. This is a strange move by the Communist-Socialists, which is not at all dangerous to Șorists’ intentions, whose goal was to underline that Stalin is more immortal than the whole Immortal Regiment of the Șorists.

Symbols invented to justify imperial pretentions

The whole civilized world on May 8 or 9 commemorates the tens of millions of victims of World War II that had several phases. The incontestable truth is that the war was started in September 1939 by two totalitarian regimes – Nazi and Stalinist – being based on the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and the secret protocol on the division of Europe between the two regimes. The Communist-Socialists and Șorist leaders of the Republic of Moldova preferred to exploit semi-truths and untruths about the war, deliberately omitting the commemoration of the first phase of World War II, when the mentioned regimes were allies. By the Victory marches they stage, they automatically repeat the propaganda clichés to glorify the Red Army and the Putinist pretentions to restore the influence zone that was created by the Stalinist regime after the war. The ribbon of Saint George, the Immoral Regiment march and a series of slogans like “We can repeat!” became the symbols of these pretentions. We have fully felt the manifestation of these pretentions during the past 15 months, since the start of the military aggression against Ukraine.

Respectively, the competition between the Communist-Socialist and Șorist marches on May 9 by displaying ribbons of St George, portraits of the Immortal Regiment etc. is strange. The point is Victory marches in the Soviet time were mounted seldom. This way, only four such marches were staged in 1945-1990 and the commemoration of a big tragedy was the attitude to the war. During the same Soviet period, the ribbon of St. Gheorghe was never used as a symbol of the victory, this role being assigned to it for the first time only in 2005, by the Putinist regime, for the aforementioned reasons.

This way, we can conclude that the symbols used by the Communist-Socialists and the Șorists are aimed at causing controversy in society in the Republic of Moldova. The point is not even the most reliable allies of the Putinist regime – leaders of post-Soviet republics from Central Asia and Belarus – do not think that the ribbon of St. Gheorghe is a symbol of the victory in World War II. Anyone could see this by following the military parade of May 9, 2023 staged in the Red Square, where the six presidents of post-Soviet republics, who were invited by Vladimir Putin, didn’t wear at all or wore ribbons in the colors of their national flags, not yet the ribbon of St. Gheorghe, which became a symbol of the aggression against Ukraine.

Nazi sword was forged in the USSR...

The attachment of the Communist-Socialist and Șorist leaders to the symbols invented by the Putinist regime for justifying the imperial ambitions should be combated not only by banning the posting of the given symbols, but also by constantly reiterating historical facts and documents that underline the similarities between the Nazi and Stalinist totalitarian regimes, the crimes against humanity and by imposing the commemoration of the tens of millions of victims caused by these. There are a lot of such documents that show how the given regimes supported each other and then started to fight against each other to affirm their supremacy, causing a real global cataclysm. For example, there are such known historical facts as:

  • after the Treaty of Rapallo (1922) was signed between Germany and the USSR, the latter started in secret to help the first to avoid the restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. The goal was to restore the military power of Germany as the Bolshevik regime still dreamed of causing a world revolution eventually also with the military potential of Germany, which was humiliated after World War I. The secret cooperation is described in detail in the work “The Nazi sword was forced in the USSR”;
  • Stalin was the one who contributed to the coming of Hitler to power by banning the German Communists from cooperating with the Social-Democrats in their political fight against the Nazi party. According to StalinSocial Democracy is the ideological support of capitalism… It is impossible to eliminate capitalism without eliminating Social-Democracy from the labor movement. Consequently, the epoch of the death of capitalism is simultaneously the epoch of the death of Social-Democracy in the working class’s movement” (paper Pravda No.255 of November 6-7, 1927). This Stalinist thesis became an integral part of the program that was adopted by the Sixth Congress of the Comintern of 1928, confirming that “Social-Democracy is the main opponent of the Communist movement”. So, not the fascism, but namely Social-Democracy was recognized as the main rival of the Comintern. Respectively, after the legislative elections of November 6, 1932, in which the German Communist and Social-Democratic parties gained together a relative majority of 37%, as opposed to the only 33% won by the Nazi party, but could not form an alliance owing to the Comintern’s ban, these yielded to Hitler, who took over legally, with all the disastrous consequences;
  • after the signing of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and the secret protocol, in 1939, the Red Army, alongside Hitler’s army, staged a common parade that in Germany was called the Parade of Victory against Poland;
  • the Stalinist and Hitlerist regimes, at an interval of less than a week of the Victory Parade held in Brest, on September 28, 1939 signed the German-Soviet  Boundary and Friendship Treaty between the USSR and Germany. On this occasion, the head of the Soviet government, Vyacheslav Molotov said that “After the signing of the treaty by the German and Soviet governments, the problems that appeared as a result of the collapse of the Polish state were solved and a solid basis for sustainable peace in Eastern Europe was laid for liquidating the preconditions of a war between Germany, on the one side, and England and France, on the other side. Consequently, both of the governments (Soviet and Nazi) will aim their common efforts, if it’s necessary, together with other friend powers, at achieving this goal as soon as possible. If these efforts by the two governments are yet unsuccessful, it will be shown that England and France are responsible for the continuation of this war and, if the war continues, the governments of Germany and the USSR will discuss the necessary measures between them”. Later, on December 25, 1939, Stalin himself confirmed, by a telegram sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany von Ribbentrop, that “the friendship between the people of Germany and the Soviet Union, which was sealed with blood, has all the preconditions to be a sustainable one”. Evidently, it went to the blood of the Polish people.
  • Consequently, a torrent of echelons and maritime vessels with strategic Soviet goods – all kinds of minerals, food products – were directed to Nazi Germany to secure the victory of this in the war against France and the UK, etc.


The aforementioned facts clearly do not match the narratives about the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. That’s why they are omitted by the Communist-Socialist and Șorist propaganda. It is also omitted the information about: a) the role of the states from the anti-Hitler Alliance; b)  the Brits’ resistance to the Hitlerist air strikes started during the Soviet-Nazi friendship, the fighting in North Africa; c) the maritime confrontation of the U.S. in the Pacific Ocean; d) the huge American-British support for the USSR under the Lend-Lease that according to the current exchange rate was worth almost US$1 trillion.

In this connection, it is important to note the appreciation of the Victory marshal Gheorghi Jukov for the Lend-Lease, dated 1962: “They now say that the allies never helped us, but we cannot deny the fact that the Americans sent to us so many materials without which we would have been unable to refill the supplies and to continue the war… the Americans really helped us with gunpowder and explosive. And how much they helped us with steel board! How could we have swiftly started the production of tanks without the American aid consisting of steel? We received 350,000 vehicles and what kind of vehicles! Without them, we would have had nothing with which to transport the artillery. In general, they ensured transport to the front line. And also high octane fuel for MiGs. They (the propagandists) now present the problem so that we purportedly had plenty of all these”.  

As it was mentioned, the gigantic portrait of Stalin, carried by Communist-Socialists at the Victory march, is the ultima ratio in the confrontation with the Șorist opponents on the pro-Russian political segment in the Republic of Moldova. It is highly improbable that this gesture will help the Communist-Socialists. Only the association with Stalinism is what these lacked.  The Șor Party anyway is more dynamic and ingenious despite the fact that the Șorists’ leader was already sentenced to 15 years in jail for swindle, while the Socialist leader is yet to be tried. The first anyway manages to have access to large financial resources to corrupt important chains of the PSRM. That’s why, even if eventually the Șor Party is declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court, this will most probably continue to cannibalize the PSRM through the agency of the so-called Movement for People.

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