3D – Despair, Demagogy, Deja-vu – strategy. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“There is a risk that the cowardice of the Communist-Socialist opposition that avoids condemning the war that brings hard times will become the political funeral stone of this. But it is far until there so that we will yet have to continue witnessing the defective governance of PAS, accompanied by the opposition’s manifestations of despair, demagogy with deja-vu effects...”


The socioeconomic situation in the Republic of Moldova remains difficult and the further development of this is absolutely uncertain. It turned out that the foreign factors are much more powerful than the government’s potential to diminish their influence. During only a year, things changed radically. At the moment, the announcement of the coming of good times made by the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) when it came to power causes only an ironic smile. In only a year, the representatives of PAS have to rectify the messageFamine in the Republic of Moldova will not be!

PAS’s optimism is encouraging and we have to only thank it for this. But we also have reasons for dissatisfaction. The graduates of Harvard, Oxford and other Universities should know that the times, either good or bad, do not depend on their will and are forged elsewhere. The time, alongside the space, represent aprioristic forms of sensibility, being in an inseparable dialectical connection. This way, no one can directly influence the time without affecting the space. For example, President Vladimir Putin decided to extend the space of his country up to the old borders of the former Russian Empire or even up to the spheres of influence of the former Soviet empire. The effect of such an effort is that, instantaneously, the good times in the whole Eurasian space turned into hard times.

The Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BCS) of the Republic of Moldova, as the main opposition force, tried to speculate on the coming of good times instead of the good times announced by PAS. Regrettably or fortunately, they fail to do this because they avoid expressing at least a hint of dissatisfaction in relation to the one who during over three months has tried to change spaces, bringing hard times all over the Eurasian continent. They have to overlook the causes of the coming of the hard times, but want to speculate on their effects. This rupture of the casual relationship causes despair in the Moldovan Communist-Socialists who do not really know what else to do besides complaining.

This way, on June 4, 2022, the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) convoked the National Council for carrying out an assessment of the political situation in the Republic of Moldova and taking decisions concerning the party’s subsequent actions. Surprisingly, more than 9/10 of the text of the Declaration refers to the assessment of the situation consisting of labeling and standard expressions. The rest of less than 1/10 of the text refers to what PSRM should do, but will actually not do: a) we will not give in to pressure; b) we will not change the position; and c) we will not stop the protests against the failed, anti-popular and betraying regime. This is how constancy manifests itself when the calls to protest fail.


There is no doubt that the PAS government looks like a triumphalist march of blunders. That’s why a harsh opposition determined to influence public opinion was needed so that the pressure on the government helped this get sober. For this to happen, the opposition should have built the image of an honest and combative political force. But it is not the case of PSRM. When the party’s National Council complains about the government for: the illegal dismissal of prosecutor general Stoianoglo, criminal case started by order against Marcel Cenușă, Radu Mudreac and many other representatives of the opposition, ... the televised revenge against Igor Dodon, the fifth President of the Republic of Moldova, the president of honor of the party, instead of showing solidarity and compassion for those who are subject to pressure one feels distrust accompanied by a series of questions to which those who are persecuted could have provided responses instantaneously:

  • what was actually there in the bag that the executive coordinator Vlad Plahotniuc tried to hand over to Igor Dodon, but it was agreed that this should be passed on by Costea to Cornel?;
  • what did Costea regularly transmit to Cornel, in what volume, quantities and how frequently?;
  • if prosecutor general Stoianoglo was convinced that there was money in the bag, why didn’t he try to find methods to investigate and prove the illegal financing of PSRM by obscure groups and from abroad? etc.

Public opinion, before showing compassion for the persecuted ones, is yet willing to hear responses to these very simple questions. That’s why the seizure of financial documents by the law enforcement agencies from the central office of PSRM is approved rather than condemned. As long as the leaders of PSRM avoid giving responses to the simplest questions, the pompous statements of the party can be described only as demagogy. Will PSRM’s demand to set free and rehabilitate Igor Dodon be eventually supported by public opinion after responses to the mentioned questions are provided.

In such circumstances, PSRM’s call to make effort and take action nationwide... so as to make the government act correctly and respect all the citizens is really funny. The citizens expected something like this from PSRM with regard to their own mate, MP Ștefan Gațcan, who was: a) isolated or sequestrated, b) kept far away from journalists, c) taken out of the country secretly, d) guarded, accompanied by party mates so as to prevent him from voting and speaking in the legislative body, as he considered right, etc. How many articles of the Penal Code were violated only two years ago with regard to their own mate? If, holding power, PSRM behaves like this towards the own mate, what kind of behavior should we expected towards others? After all these, why do the Socialists consider they can be credible before public opinion when they invoke the anti-democratic deviations of the PAS government? It is not clear, while demagogy in such circumstances is useless. You get what you deserve. Isn’t so?


Among the positive actions announced in the Declaration of the National Council of PSRM are only two: a) initiation of the removal of the useless and harmful government; ) calling on the country’s citizens, political parties, public organizations and trade unions to combine forces in the fight against the regime. This is all what the most powerful opposition political force in the country can do – initiate and call. There would have been nothing unordinary for a political party to resort to such actions if they hadn’t copied these from Șor Party. This way, the absence of own ideas becomes the main characteristic of PSRM.

So, the initiation of the removal of the government was announced at the start of the year by the parliamentary group of Șor Party, but in over two weeks the initiative was proposed by BCS for the simple reason that the latter, unlike the first, had sufficient votes for this. Also, Șor Party was the first that proposed creating the national salvation movement that in over two weeks was simply reiterated by the leader of PSRM Igor Dodon. What followed? Nothing! Currently, PSRM urges again to initiate no-confidence motions and to combine forces. The effect of such initiatives is already deja-vu. But why do they resort to repeated and unsuccessful initiatives? Because of PSRM’s reputation. Amid Socialists’ calls, we witness an opposite effect –Șor Party and the Communists detach themselves from PSRM, the first probably because they do not want to be near plagiarizers, while the latter because they consider Igor Dodon a traitor


The socioeconomic situation in the Republic of Moldova remains difficult. The PAS government does not seem to have solutions to remedy the situation. On the other hand, the parliamentary opposition does not have capacity to impose its will on the government.

The good times will eventually replace the hard times only if the spatial expansion attempted by Russia in Ukraine ends with a failure. For the Communist-Socialist opposition of the Republic of Moldova, such a development would mean a real catastrophe.

There is a risk that the cowardice of the Communist-Socialist opposition that avoids condemning the war that brings hard times will become the political funeral stone of this. But it is far until there so that we will yet have to continue witnessing the defective governance of PAS, accompanied by the opposition’s manifestations of despair, demagogy with deja-vu effects.

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