Why is Maia Sandu more dangerous than Vlad Plahotniuc? Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“Despite the things mentioned about the intertie and predictability of President Maia Sandu, her main political opponent Igor Dodon considers her more dangerous than Vlad Plahotniuc. We must admit that this is so. Indeed, Maia Sandu is more dangerous for Igor Dodon because she will not accept transactions with this, as Plahotniuc did….”

Female Mantis Religiosa

A pause of about a month appeared in the political struggle in the Republic of Moldova. After the Constitutional Court (CC) passed its judgment on February 23, 2021, which obliges the President to continue to consult the parliamentary groups for investing a government, Maia Sandu decided not to take any steps. Her plan is to wait until March 23, when it will be three months of the causing of the governmental crisis, so as to ask the CC to decide what should follow next – snap parliamentary elections or initiation of the procedure for suspending the President.

In this period of political suspense, the main opponent of the President – the leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon – decided to remove the faults from his education by navigating the Internet. This way, at the nice age of 47 and after holding office as President of the Republic of Moldova, the Socialist leader learned about the existence of Mantis religiosa (nun), which is hunting for victims from the ambuscade and devours its partners so that its progenitors could survive. With the naivety of a flunking student, he decided to tell his fans about his discovery. So as to look funny in the eyes of his admirers, he decided to enrich the political fauna of the Republic of Moldova, ascribing qualities of nun to President Maia Sandu. Among the victims of the nun, Igor Dodon identified the leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) and the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPDA) – Vlad Filat and, respectively, Andrei Năstase.

The unexpected discovery of the leader of the PSRM will most probably have a major impact on the political life in the Republic of Moldova. Earlier, Igor Dodon pleaded for cooperation between the PSRM and the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) that was founded by Maia Sandu. However, after he found out through the Internet about the instincts and reflexes of the nun, something like this is no longer possible. That’s why Igor Dodon now prefers a parliamentary majority with the mafia and the bandits (see min.07.00-15.21) of Shor and Plahotniuc, among whom the Socialists feel much more comfortable than near the nun and her mates.    

Chameleons – sworn enemies of the nun

The inborn modesty of the leader of the PSRM made him omit the fact that the chameleons are most dangerous enemies of the nun. Evidently, Igor Dodon himself is the most dangerous political chameleon for Maia Sandu as he changed his orientation for multiple times. Moreover, namely the leader of the PSRM turned out to have instincts typical of Mantis religiosa. We know about the religiousness of the leader of the PSRM from the special relationship he has with Patriarch Kirill. As to the rest, namely Igor Dodon devoured the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) and its leader Vladimir Voronin, who promoted him in politics and who was betrayed by Igor Dodon.  He also devoured, with the assistance of Dmitry Kozak, Vlad Plahotniuc, who financed the PSRM and who helped Dodon to become President.  

But this is not all. The leader of the PSRM founded a real army of chameleons that abandoned Plahotniuc and took sides with the PSRM. These Plaho-Socialists are engaged in a media war against President Maia Sandu, posting daily tens of materials that should probably gladden rather than sadden as one of these chameleons is very funny, especially when he asks rhetorically who will follow us in hell – NGO members or politicians? This is something awkward! Who else if not the leader of the PSRM engaged the NGO members and so-called civil society in his political projects? Wasn’t it Igor Dodon who declared in March 2017: “I will launch consultations with all the parties and with civil society over the triggering of snap parliamentary elections”. Wasn’t it Igor Dodon who created the so-called Civil Society Council under the President by the model of the so-called Civic Chamber of President Vladimir Putin? Wasn’t it this civil society founded by Igor Dodon that published books and made films aimed at distorting our history, on public funds?

It is even funnier when you remember that the same chameleons reflected religiously the activity of the NGO members who were dragged by their boss Vlad Plahotniuc over the Atlantic Ocean for propagandistic purposes: “The visit paid by the president of the PDM Vlad Plahotniuc to the U.S. and his meetings with U.S. congressmen and civil society speak about a normal temperature of the Moldovan-American relations”. Seriously speaking, given the aforementioned, the hell should be reached by the politicians and NGO chameleons that improved the ratings of Plahotniuc’s TV channels based on the unhappiness of the Turkish teachers accused of alleged terrorism, who were seized and transported to jails in Turkey. Then, the given chameleons showed zealousness: “We must take all the actions needed to ensure the security of the diplomatic missions. We must protect the citizens of the Republic of Moldova from these actions. I think our services know also other methods for intervening in such cases so that we could walk freely on the street".

It should be noted that there are tens of smaller chameleons and some of them shrewdly call themselves Romanian journalists even if they served all the anti-Romanian parties: Communists, the PDM, the PSRM and others. Others modestly call themselves constitutionalists or simply unionists even if they enthusiastically served the promoter of the fourth Political Theory of Dugin here, in Moldova, and also in Romania. However, we must admit that the chameleons have a virtue. They abide by the principle he who pays the pipes calls the tune probably without deviation or their switchover from one political camp to another could have been understood.   

Conclusions and recommendations

As a result of the political crisis generated by the resignation of the Chicu Government with the aim of causing snap parliamentary elections, the political fauna of the Republic of Moldova enriched itself with new species of de Mantis Religiosa (nun) and Reptiles (chameleons). For now, the nun remains at a distance from the chameleons whose goal is to devour it. The risks are very big as the sizes and forces are unequal, especially the financial and media ones. That’s why the precautionary measures continue to be very necessary.

In the harsh fight of the chameleons against the nun, we must clarify some things. First of all, we should eliminate distortions that were intentionally disseminated by the leader of the PSRM. For the sake of the truth, we must note that Vlad Filat was devoured following Ilan Shor’s denouncement  by Vlad Plahotniuc and the justice was captured by the latter, which is by the leaders of the mafia and bandits (see min.07.00-15.21) with whom the PSRM recently formed a  parliamentary majority. We are now witnessing a chromatic metamorphosis of the Socialist parliamentary group, which is typical of particular species of the fauna. However, earlier the PSRM voted together with the PAS and the PPDA the statement on the recognition of the state capture in the Republic of Moldova. As to the leader of the PPDA Andrei Năstase, he does not feel at all devoured. On the contrary, he feels fine and fields himself for Prime Minister in the eventuality of a minority transition government for which the PSRM and its leader plead.  

The gap in the precarious education of the leader of the PSRM Igor Dodon is bothersome for his fans and admirers. The leader of the PSRM goes to Moscow almost weekly and struggles obstinately for the formalization of the status of the Russian language in the Republic of Moldova, but, regrettably, does not know how to benefit from the gifs of the Russian language. The point is one of the most popular Russian contemporary writers wrote a wonderful story – The Hall of the Singing Caryatides, about the adventures if oligarchs and their relations with genetic mutants that acquired reflexes of Mantis religiosa. If he really had praised the Russian language and hadn’t pursued goals by politically exploiting the given issue, Igor Dodon would have read this short story that is extremely popular long ago and would have learned about nuns’ reflexes in a spicy way. Moreover, he would have identified among the story’s heroes real prototypes of persons from Russian elites with whom he even communicates. 

President Maia Sandu is surely inert and inflexible, but these characteristics are far from those of the nuns from the ambuscade. If she had been dynamic and flexible, she would have long ago achieved her goal of dissolving Parliament and of calling snap parliamentary elections. The principality and predictability of Maia Sandu’s actions gladden a lot her sympathizers, but have also the opposite effect. The political chameleons know in advance what she intends to do and know that she will not try to maneuver and thus prepare very well to counteract all her actions. Being honest and trenchant is undoubtedly a virtue, but this is insufficient for being a successful politician in the Republic of Moldova.

Despite the things mentioned about the intertie and predictability of President Maia Sandu, her main political opponent Igor Dodon considers her more dangerous than Vlad Plahotniuc. We must admit that this is so. Indeed, Maia Sandu is more dangerous for Igor Dodon because she will not accept transactions with this, as Plahotniuc did.

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