Maia Sandu and PAS – beneficiaries of special operation... Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“The benefit resides in the shifting of all the socioeconomic problems onto the war in Ukraine.  Evidently, this is an exaggeration. The truth is to become beneficiaries of the so-called special operation, the PAS government should do only one thing – annihilate by legal methods the fifth column in the Republic of Moldova, which fully manifested itself…”

Uncertainty and its effects

During a month of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, we all overcame the shock phase and got used to the idea that there is a war in the neighboring country. The daily updates refer to the military operations, human casualties, number of refugees etc. The propaganda machine of the aggressor is choking while repeating the justificatory theses of the invasion. The fact that the Russian army got stuck in positional battles reduced the fears that the Republic of Moldova will be the next victim of the aggression, even if the risk that the strategic partner will venture to extend the liberating effort to demilitarize and denazify cannot be underestimated.

In such circumstances, the situation in the region can be described by one word – uncertainty. This state of uncertainty does so that the government of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) acts out of inertia, simply aligning itself to foreign partners’ efforts to cope with the effects of the war, asking for financial support for the purpose. The government’s prudence in the taking of attitudes sometimes goes beyond the limits of common sense. This is done to avoid causing the strategic partners’ dissatisfaction. The goal pursued by the PAS government is not to allow the state of panic to spread in society and to blame the destabilization of the economic and security situation in the region for all the difficulties faced by the citizens. For now, this thing seems enough to maintain a particular level of internal stability.

For the opposition parties, the uncertainty creates unexpected opportunities to manifest themselves by the: appropriate appreciation of the state of affairs and naming of things; proposing and encouragement of concrete actions for coping with the challenges related to multiple aspects of state security; projection of realistic prospects for the immediate and distant future, etc. Nothing like this is seen. The opposition parties prefer, with small exceptions, to make only neutral statements. No one knows how the war in Ukraine will end. That’s why no one wants to risk by adopting trenchant attitudes. This is not a reproach. It is just the ascertainment of a proverbial truth – By Juan and sombrero. But we must admit that the leaders of some of the pro-European opposition parties have what to contribute to the orientation and maintaining of PAS policies on a path of decency.

Prevailing of meek calf strategy

Now that Ukraine defends its sovereignty and independence from the Russian invasion, we better realize what value these have if they are fearlessly defended with arms. For the Republic of Moldova, the truncated sovereignty and independence remain circumstantial and not really deserved gifts. In fact, the Moldovan political parties avoid making use of the presumably provisional character of the independent and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova.

This way, the multiple unionist parties and their leaders who in the recent election campaigns launched all kinds of scenarios for an eventual union, in critical circumstances behave very timidly. Their entire patriotic élan amounts to the commemoration of the anniversaries of the unions of the 19th and 20th centuries, which occurred in similar conditions, of uncertainty and war. It turns out that it is one thing to engage in unionist politics in comfortable conditions and it is another thing to assume risky decisions to achieve the declared ideals. As long as it is not known who will emerge victorious in the Russia-Ukrainian war, the unionists prefer to be reasonable. It is not the worst attitude indeed if they are incapable of achieving their goals and it is better for them not to cause damage at least. In fact, the authentic politicians are those who assume risks. The voters have to only draw conclusions about the strategic capacities of the unionists and to treat them appropriately in the next electoral competitions, as they did earlier too.

On the other hand, the political parties of the left and Russophile parties also have a very precarious behavior. These substitute the trenchant attitude to the war with general sentences packed in sophisticated formulas. The only thing the Russophile parties promote insistently is the necessity of strengthening the status of permanent neutrality of the Republic of Moldova, which is clearly stipulated in the country’s Constitution. What is the added value of this pro-neutrality approach? Evidently, the banal camouflaging of the support for the Russian aggression. In this regard, they try to extend the so-called neutrality beyond the purely military sphere so as not to allow at least trenchant attitudes to the aggressor and the victim of the aggressor, even if these are dearly identified by the UN General Assembly. This way, we witness the sublimation at political level of the Communist-Socialist credoMeek calf feeds himself from two cows!

It should be noted that in fact, the meek Communist-Socialist calf is very shrewd and absorbs from GAZPROM by $700,000-800,000 a month, but wants to be perceived as neutral. In such circumstances, despite the different attitudes of the Moldovan and Russian authorities to different problems, we paradoxically discover an area of common interest – the fight against the fifth column. In the Republic of Moldova, the latter tried to distinguish itself at any cost. This way, several minuscule Russophile parties attempted to openly challenge the role of the Communist-Socialist bloc. This is the Party of Regions whose leader addressed Vladimir Putin as an authentic representative of the Russian fifth column. The same was done by the leaders of the Party “Moldova’s Patriots”, who do not hide behind general and euphemistic phrases, trenchantly saying that they support Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. In fact, they challenge the privileged status of meek calves, pleading the cause of predator hawks, asking for the redistribution of the financial flow of GAZPROM from the Communist-Socialist bloc to them.


The opposition parties in the Republic of Moldova have a precarious, hesitant attitude to the Russo-Ukrainian war and its effects. The Communist-Socialist bloc of the Republic of Moldova veils its attitude of support for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine by using all kinds of euphemistic formulas so as to hide its confirmed quality of the fifth column, according to the universal definition of Vladimir Putin. They do not manage to do this well yet. Therefore, the Communist-Socialists shed bitterness on President Maia Sandu and the PAS government, naming them the main beneficiaries of the special operation of Vladimir Putin. The benefit resides in the shifting of all the socioeconomic problems onto the war in Ukraine.  Evidently, this is an exaggeration. The truth is to become beneficiaries of the so-called special operation, the PAS government should do only one thing – annihilate by legal methods the fifth column in the Republic of Moldova, which fully manifested itself.

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