Ana Guțu and watchdogs. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“However, the intellectual level of the two is intangible for NGOs, while their uncoordinated, but somehow synchronized effort gives birth to a phenomenon that can called Guțîrdea. It will be probably interesting to follow the further developments”

Unfavorable role of NGOs

It’s good that we are taken by surprise from time to time, especially because the insipid presidential elections bored us. The most recent surprise was generated by Missis Ana Guțu, secretary of state at Romania’s Department for Relations with Moldova. Missis Guțu’s disagreement with the assertions of the Bessarabian civic activist Valeriu Pașa, of the association  “WatchDog”, about the Russian domination in the information sphere of the Republic of Moldova motivated the refined lady to impose her own viewpoint on the pages of the Romanian publication PRESS ONE, even if she does not like to have a person without professional and intellectual weight similar to hers as an opponent. To balance somehow the calibers, the secretary of state decided to refer to all the NGOs of the Republic of Moldova, which:

  • do not come up with rescue solutions for the Republic of Moldova;
  • do not become involved in politics to change things;
  • do not become involved in solving identity-related problem, having reduced capacities and capabilities;
  • do not become involved in combating the civic nation conception;
  • receive financing, including from European institutions, but stopped the passion for geopolitics and did worse.

We must admit that the secretary of state is right even if she exaggerates in parts. It’s true that the NGOs do not come up with rescue solutions. But it’s hard to say if it’s good or bad that they don’t do it. The point is that after the parliamentary elections of April 2009, active elements of civil society become involved in the protests that brought the Alliance for European Integration (AEI), of which Missis Ana Guțu formed part, to power. In a while, civil society realized that some sly persons came to power and started immediately to create conditions for the theft of the billion! With such experience, civil society’s unwillingness to provide rescue solutions can be understood.

The refined lady also exaggerates the NGOs’ involvement in politics. She can remember how many NGOs leaders became MPs, ministers and ambassadors after the AEI came to power. Many of them were promoted by the Liberal Party (PL) of which Missis Ana Guțu formed part. The image of these NGOs was damaged badly also by the thefts committed by the leaders of the parties that formed part of the AEI. Relevant evidence can be found in the publications of the refined secretary of state, who trenchantly speaks, for example, about her former colleagues from the PL and current colleagues from the National Unity Party (PUN): “Ghimpu..., who grasps at straws to get out of the cesspit into which he catapulted himself... came  with a crowd here, in Cotroceni: minister who robs roads and European trains Șalaru, whimpering mayor Chirtoacă, this time non-awarded  leader Ghimpu, and some party secretaries to play the role of ‘extras’, as Banciu says, as a big group of plagiarist-MPs and profiteers were devoted particular attention by President Băsescu!” And this is not all. If we navigate the blog of Missis Guțu and start to understand the manners of Moldovan politicians, you really want to abandon everything and emigrate. Apropos, this could be the real cause for the massive depopulation of the Republic of Moldova, not the cause mentioned by the refined lady in the interview for PRESS ONE. 

Uselessness of NGOs

So, we must say that the watchdogs of the Republic of Moldova are financed with European funds in vain if they do not have the capacity to explain why they do particular things and don’t do others. For example:

  • why didn’t the watchdogs sound the alarm when the refined Missis Ana Guțu left the PL to build the Liberal Reformist Party (PLR), voting for the installing of the Leancă Government that conceded the Chisinau International Airport and privatized Banca de Economii of Moldova (Savings Bank) through which the US$ 1 billion was stolen?
  • why didn’t the watchdogs react when the refined Missis Ana Guțu created the Right Party together with the thief-minister Șalaru?
  • why didn’t the watchdogs warn the ex-President of Romania Traian Băsescu that he exposes himself to a big risk by accepting to become the president of honor of a party led by thieves?

And the key question for Missis Ana Guțu is – why does she want the NGOs of the Republic of Moldova to commit the same mistakes as those made during the last ten years? By her publications on her personal blog alone, the lady shows to us that the Moldovan political spectrum is full of pro-Russian, statehood supporting and, regrettably, pro-Romanian thieves. Why should the NGOs become involved in the discussion of identity-related problems if the given issue and the geopolitical competition are promoted also by thieves? But there is also one more question for the watchdogs – why don’t they try to clarify a curious phenomenon – the Government of Romania in the recent past promoted persons with such names as Alexeev or Petrova, which is the maiden name of Missis Guțu, to the post of secretary of state for relations with Moldova. Doesn’t the Government of Romania allude to the existence of the civic nation? It would be an absolutely innocent question that will yet offer horizons for discussing the relationship between civic nation and ethnic nation on a European platform.  

Surely, Missis Ana Guțu could have been wrong when she presented her colleagues as thieves. If this is so, she could have admitted this and could have apologized. But if she is predisposed to making mistakes, why does she tease the watchdogs? We can admit that she did so out of a purely human weakness so as to exhibit her titles to the Romanian public that does not know her: university teacher, linguist; Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor of France; Knight of the National Order “Star of Romania”; Knight of the Order of the Republic of Moldova; gold medalist and member for life of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Impressive! It seems that we should be glad that we have such remarkable personalities, but the situation is not so simple. In the interview for PRESS ONE, Missis Guțu admits that she does not enjoy the people’s support and in the presidential elections of 2016 garnered only 2,450 votes! This very poor result is due to the abstruse speech of her speech– Le Malheur d'avoir trop d'esprit! But how did she then manage to collect 15,000 signatures for being registered as a candidate for President of the Republic of Moldova? We cannot admit that she falsified the signatures. The explanation is probably the fact that the members of the initiative group who collected signatures for registering Ana Guțu as a contender weren’t as cultured as she is.


The NGOs in the Republic of Moldova are really underdeveloped and unable to meet the expectations of politicians so as to solve the society’s problems. Except for several organizations that practice investigation journalism, the other NGOs are useless and even noxious as they are unable to reveal such defects as party switching, inconsistency and robbing by politicians who launch all kinds of projects, building a name and robbing the country and cheating the people under the screen of this.

However, the NGOs have an excuse. They are attacked from the Right by Missis Ana Guțu and from the left by the representative of the Russian imperial movement, SocialistBogdan Țîrdea.  Both Guțu and Țîrdea are scientists – doctors of sciences. It’s true that Țîrdea is rather an incomplete doctor. However, the intellectual level of the two is intangible for NGOs, while their uncoordinated, but somehow synchronized effort gives birth to a phenomenon that can called Guțîrdea. It will be probably interesting to follow the further developments.

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