Devastating potential of powerful Putinist ideas. Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

The alleged powerful ideas that were recently made public by President Vladimir Putin confirm one well-known thing – those who want to remove the speck from someone else’s eye should first take the beam out of their own eye...

New times versus bad times

The string of internal problems overwhelm us, keeping our attention focused on possible solutions. Meanwhile, a series of powerful ideas are put into circulation in our neighborhood. It goes to the assertions made by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on July 20, 2022, concerning the new times that are to change the world. At regional level, these new times are already strongly felt as they brought death and destruction to Ukraine. For its part, Europe is blackmailed and made to choose between comfort fueled by cowardice and resistance that is temporarily accompanied by particular shortages so as to defend the own proclaimed values. For the Republic of Moldova, the new Putinist times come to substitute the good times announced by the current government a year ago. The powerful ideas refer to three subjects:

  • change of the world order. The current world development model used up its potential, while the West no longer has what to propose to mankind. The domination of the so-called golden billion (15% of the global population) is unjust, based on the illusion of exclusiveness, which means it is of racist and neo-colonial origin, acquiring traits of totalitarianism that hampers the free historic creativity;
  • ensuring of technological sovereignty of Russia. Sovereignty is a supreme value, while a civil, responsible, national(ist) society able to contribute to ensuring technological sovereignty is the most important component of sovereignty;
  • continuation of confrontation with the West for the sake of the beneficial sanctions. The withdrawal of the foreign companies from Russia will decisively contribute to overcoming technological dependence on the West.

From President Vladimir Putin’s powerful ideas, we actually deduce that the new times started together with the annexation of Crimea and the inciting of war and separatism in 2014. Namely then, there were imposed the first timid sanctions of the West against Russia, which substantiate the necessity of ensuring technological sovereignty. The second phase of new times started on February 24, 2022, together with the open aggression against Ukraine.

Putin’s powerful ideas start from the precondition that Ukraine was created by the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, while the Ukrainians, instead of being grateful, insist on the commemoration of the victims of the Communist, Soviet regime, especially of the Holodomor that claimed the lives of approximately 4 million compatriots. That’s why Putin decided to withdraw the presents of the Russian people for Ukraine, especially because Ukrainian society made the civilizational choice in favor of the integration into the European Union. The last is marked by the sin to be part of the golden billion that, according to Putin, embodies exclusivism, racism, neo-colonialism and totalitarianism.

Barking up the wrong tree...

President Putin’s powerful ideas should be subject to different tests for proving their valency. For example, the condemnation by Putin of the colonialism that is allegedly practiced by the golden billion deserves to be devoted special attention. The point is, within Russia, such megalopolises as Moscow and Saint Petersburg and several depopulated regions that exploit natural resources, are nothing else but the prototype of the golden billion. The structure and incomes of the subjects of the Russian Federation and of the population seem to be copied from the global matrix: a) Moscow and Saint Petersburg remind of the North America and the EU; b) several other Russian urban agglomerations remind of Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Chili, Uruguay and the so-called Asian tigers; c) the regions where gas, oil, gold, diamonds etc. are extracted, such as Yamal, Nenetsia, Yakutia, remind of the Persian Gulf countries that sell hydrocarbons  and also form part of the golden billion.

The aforementioned generates innocent questions, like: why shouldn’t Putin start first to liquidate colonialism in the own country? This would solidly substantiate his pretentions to combat colonialism at global level. Right before the launch of the powerful ideas of Vladimir Putin, his compatriots from Tatarstan, Buryatia etc. asked for assistance from the President of the U.S. for getting rid of the Russian colonialism. Surety, Vladimir Putin’s administration can become engaged in the supporting of the efforts of the Forum of the Free Nations of Russia (FFNR), which proclaimed its intention to combat colonialism, declaring that its supreme goal is to “fully and irreversibly decolonize Russia,… objective that will be reached only when the Russian Federation will turn into 25-35 independent, free and, hopefully, democratic countries. Unlike Vladimir Putin, the FFNR insists on a “non-violent method” for achieving its objectives.

Rerunning to the problem invoked by Vladimir Putin, it should be noted that the states associated with the golden billion have a categorical contribution to the technical-scientific, technological and cultural developments of the mankind, a proof being the fact that approximately 90% of the Nobel Prize laureates are from the given countries. If we refer to the contributions made in the field of exact sciences, the contribution exceeds 95% in favor of the golden billion. On the other hand, it should be noted that among the Nobel Prize laureates are only about 2.5% of Russians and Soviets, which corresponds to Russia’s share of the global GDP. With such a contribution to developing science, technologies and global economy, Russia should better be preoccupied with the de-colonization of the own territory rather than challenge the contribution and benefits of the golden billion.

Method of ensuring technological sovereignty – catscratch

In fact, some of the powerful ideas of Vladimir Putin, concerning Russia’s technological sovereignty, have been revealed long ago. It goes to the wide use of the catscratch method, which is the banal theft of Western technologies. If this ingenious method in the future does not work perfectly, Russia made it clear that it will resort to hi-tech partnerships, including in the fields of spatial research and defense, with such third world countries as Angola, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone etc. So, there is no reason for concern about the eventual effects of the Western sanctions. On the contrary, the citizens are sure that the sanctions open up new opportunities that couldn’t have been imagined until now.

In connection with the aforementioned, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently made a tour to a number of African states. The meetings with the heads of the African states were promising as regards the assimilation of the powerful ideas, especially because some of these have ruled for periods longer than Vladimir Putin himself (22 years): – Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda has ruled for 34 years, while Denis Sassou Nguesso, the President of the Republic of the Congo – for 43 years. These two can become reliable partners of Russia in the process of combating neo-colonialism. In fact, Russia’s cooperation with Uganda and Congo can be mutually advantageous. The African states can share the optimal ruling periods with Russia. On the other hand, Russia can share the own methods of combating totalitarianism imbedded by the cursed golden bullion. The point is the citizens of Uganda and Congo for now are not sentenced to long jail terms for carrying such slogans as No to war

Methods of fighting totalitarianism and racism

President Vladimir Putin embraced the powerful ideas concerning the combating of totalitarianism most probably from the beloved philosopher Ivan Ilyin. The last became famous in the interwar period for his eulogies to the Italian fascism and German national-socialism. Surely, his fame is based on his work “About Russian fascism. In our case, it is important to note that Ivan Ilyin’s works became a touchstone for Vladimir Putin. This is what the latter learned from the beloved philosopher:

  • the method of organizing elections. In his work “What kind of elections does Russia need?”, Ivan Ilyin writes:  “The state should be strengthened by elections..., an organic spiritual unity of the government and the people from down to up... The crowd is generally incapable of elections. ... The formation of the state power should be taken from the crowd, the streets and given to the best statehood-supporting citizens”. The regime of Putin has acted exactly like this for 22 years, organizing controlled elections “from ... to”;
  • necessity of nationalist dictatorship. In his work “About future dictatorship”, Ilyin says that “After the fall of the Communist totalitarianism, the chaos is inevitable, while the honest patriots who want to avoid the chaos should immediately plead in favor of national dictatorship”. This is from where President Putin inspired himself when he self-declared himself the main nationalist of Russia;     
  • concentration of the whole power in the hands of a leader. In his work “Bases of statehood organization. Draft of the fundamental law of Russia”, Ilyin advised his future pupil: “The supreme power in Russia should belong to the supreme ruler of the state, from which the legislation, the whole administration, the activity of courts of law, all the orders and control derive… Any disobedience of the orders, decrees and requirements of the supreme leader is equal to violation of the fundamental law and is subject to judgment and punishment”.     

Anyone who follows the political life in Russia can see how faithful Vladimir Putin is to the teachings of his beloved philosopher Ivan Ilyin. However, armed with the whole arsenal of the fascist ideas borrowed from Ivan Ilyin, Vladimir Putin started to denazify Ukraine. The Russian President’s hypocrisy was revealed in an absolutely unique manner by Putin’s servant – the old Belarusian dictator Alexandr Lukashenko, who admitted that the announced denazification is just philosophy, which is rainwater or lullaby.

Finally, we should somehow refer to Vladimir Putin’s intentions to fight racism at global level. In this regard, the most prolific powerful ideas could be borrowed from his reliable supporter, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.  


The alleged powerful ideas that were recently made public by President Vladimir Putin confirm one well-known thing – those who want to remove the speck from someone else’s eye should first take the beam out of their own eye.

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