Half-truths more dangerous than lies... Op-Ed by Victor Pelin

“The difference is that the Socialists resort to more sophisticated methods for using half-truths and for ignoring the facts that do not suit them. On the other hand, the Communists are not embarrassed to lie insolently. It is proven that the half-truths are much more dangerous than lies. That’s why the half-truth is the perfect weapon for disinformation. The lies can be refuted or ignored, while half-truths necessitate sustained efforts for being disclosed and this is a big difficulty for the consumers of information who are subject to brainwashing...

Moldovan Communist-Socialists’ loyalty to Russia

The discussions about the division of Moldovan society have become something ordinary long ago. Several calendar data reveal the real causes of division in society. This way, each year on May 9 and June 11, the Russophile political forces in the Republic of Moldova simply cannot avoid expressing their loyalty to Russia. We convinced ourselves of this not only once as we yearly witness the same demonstrations. On Victory Day, for example, the Moldovan Communists and Socialists take and disseminate the patterns of the Russian propaganda about the Great Patriotic War, separating it from World War II.

It is impossible to challenge the fact that the war started in accordance with the preliminary agreements stipulated in the famous Secret Protocol, together with the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Stalinist USSR. This fact was confirmed by the joint parade of September 22, 1939, which was staged especially on this occasion. But what cannot be challenged can be overlooked and such a thing is practiced by the Communist-Socialists. This way, half-truths are being propagated. If the events weren’t taken out of context, the May 9 holiday would naturally represent the commemoration of the end of the fierce war started by the dictators of the two totalitarian regimes.

The distorting of facts for emphasizing the victory of an internationalist Communist against his national-socialist opponent cannot remain without unfavorable consequences now too. Russia’s war against Ukraine, in which tens of thousands of people have been already killed, continues to be overlooked by the Moldovan Communist-Socialists. This war actually marks the victory of the slogan “We can repeat!” against the slogan “Never again!”. These are the effects of the propagation of half-truths of which the Moldovan Communist-Socialists are also to blame.  

We cannot know how sincere the Communist-Socialists are when they show their attitudes to Russia and to the actions taken by this at regional and global levels. However, judging by the assiduousness with which these take and disseminate the Russian propaganda among the Moldovan citizens, especially by the sedulousness to neglect the deeds and events that destroy the propaganda myths, we can presume that it does not go only to beliefs, but rather to the situation depicted by the maximum he who pays the piper calls the tune.

Revanchist reflexes and their manifestation

Another calendar date that the Moldovan Communist-Socialists cannot neglect is June 12, which is the date when the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation was adopted. By this statement, Russia solemnly confirmed the right to leave the USSR, which materialized a year later. This is the real significance of the day of June 12, 1990. On this occasion, from under house arrest, Igor Dodon, the president of honor of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), congratulated the Russian brother nation. In this regard, the first impression is that the Socialist leader probably lost the compass and can no longer orientate himself in space. But this is not so as, being for about ten years the notable expert of the Russian imperial movement, Igor Dodon pretends to have forgotten that for the members and affiliates of the Izborsk Club, the date of June 12 is actually the Non-Russia Day, when the dissolution of the Soviet empire was started.

The truth is that the Socialists and their leader have to celebrate the same day the Russia and Non-Russia Day. In fact, it is something normal for those who disseminated half-truths. That’s why we should not be surprised by the fact that Igor Dodon repeats his theses about the strategic partnership and the common history of the Republic of Moldova and Russia, but avoids saying that the strategic partners: have maintained under occupation about 12% of the country’s territory for over 30 years; imposed economic sanctions against us in 2006 and 2013; repeatedly resorted to energy blackmail and pressure, etc. 

Unlike the Socialists, their allies from the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) are much more primitive and are therefore less dangerous. This way, on the Russia Day, the Moldovan Communists, in their propaganda efforts, mingle the truth, half-truth and barefaced lies, which makes them more vulnerable. For example, on the occasion of the Russia Day, the Moldovan Communists are not ashamed to admit that currently Russia pursues the goal of restoring its imperial grandeur. It is a truth that has been felt by the whole world, primarily after the unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, but which will be appreciated justly the next years only, also after a number of states will go through famine.

A lie, as it is well known, has no legs. In their propagandistic élan to show their loyalty to Russia, the Moldovan Communists lie brazenly, saying that the Moldovan-Russian relations reached the climax under the rule of PCRM and “the main difference between the leaders who replaced the Communists in power in Moldova was the incapacity and even unwillingness to use the experience and accomplishments of the predecessors”. Consequently, “the deterioration of the relations with the Russian Federation led to the blocking of the Transnistrian settlement process, the loss of the traditional Eastern markets, while the so-called pro-European policy that was aggressively imposed on the people of Moldovan… brought the country to a crisis that covered the political, social and economic spares”. By all appearances, the 80-year-old president of PCRM Vladimir Voronin fully lost control over the processes inside the party if he allows lies that can be easily combated to be disseminated through the official website of the party. The point is the current government of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) remains within the paradigm designed by PCRM itself. There are multiple proofs that:

  • The relations between the Republic of Moldova and Russia became irreparably damaged after President Vladimir Voronin made President Putin return from his way to Moldova. This is the biggest humiliation to which a leader of Russia was ever subjected. This is actually the most important ‘accomplishment’ of the Communist government, which led to a series of very important events;
  • The Transnistrian settlement process was interrupted and had been kept frozen for about 17 years namely by PCRM, which designed and adopted the Law on the main provisions of the special legal status of the settlements from the left side of the Nistru (Transnistria). Only in 2019, Igor Dodon tried shrewdly to reanimate the famous Kozak Memorandum, but failed to, fortunately;
  • The economic relations were damaged and a ban was imposed on the Republic of Moldova under the government of PCRM, in 2006. The program “Resonance” of one of the propagandists of the time Constantin Starysh, MP of PCRM, about the way in which the Russians drink counterfeit alcoholic beverages, by the recipes of Venechka from the famous postmodernist poem Moscow – Petushki, continues to be remembered;
  • The energy blackmail against the Republic of Moldova was also caused by the PCRM government. A proof of this is the fact that President Voronin went to Brussels with requests: “On January 3, 2006, the Presidents of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova issued a joint statement addressed to the European Union, in which they asked the European Union to help the countries… agree the price of Russian gas and the charge for transporting this, using the European method. They also asked to resume the negotiations between Ukraine, Moldova and Russia with the involvement of international experts and requested to set a period of transition acceptable to the sides as regards the application of the cooperation market principles. Furthermore, the statement stays that Russia tries to exert “energy pressure” on Ukraine and Moldova, “to undermine the economic development of the countries and to destabilize their social situation”;
  • The aggressive pro-European policy was imposed on the Republic of Moldova by President  Voronin, who surprisingly, on November 13, 2002 signed the Decree on the constitution of the national commission for European integration, which was followed by the signing, on February 22, 2005, of the EU-Republic of Moldova Action Plan and also the accession, on May 7, 2009, to the Eastern Partnership of the EU;
  • The relations between the Republic of Moldova and NATO reached the highest level when the Government Decision on the approval of the Republic of Moldova – NATO Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) was adopted on July 6, 2006. The given document envisioned, among others, the ensuring of the territorial integrity and relations with neighbors, military interoperability and training, etc.

From the aforementioned, we can deduce that the treason of Dodon and other so-called Socialists was based on serious reasons or PSRM wouldn’t have been in Vladimir Putin’s good graces following the offense caused by Voronin. 


The revanchist policy of the Russian Federation is the most serious danger to the regional and global peace and security. The Republic of Moldova is an ideal victim for the expansionist plans of the Kremlin. That’s why the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova directly depends on Ukraine’s capacity to resist the aggressive revanchist policy pursued by Russia. The socioeconomic hardships experienced by the Republic of Moldova were mainly generated by the war that is taking place in Ukraine. This war was planned beforehand and its start was anticipated by the deliberate provoking by Russia of an energy crisis in mid-2021. But this thing is not at all an excuse for the blunders made by the current government in the process of managing public affairs.

The division of Moldovan society is a constant fact that deepens further under the influence of the Russophile parties that disseminated half-truths and lies. However, the pressure exerted by the pro-Russian opposition on the government for now cannot impress owing to the more evident misunderstandings between these parties. The Socialists are much more able in terms of propaganda and manipulation, while the Communists show propaganda primitivism that can be easily combated. The difference is that the Socialists resort to more sophisticated methods for using half-truths and for ignoring the facts that do not suit them. On the other hand, the Communists are not embarrassed to lie insolently. It is proven that the half-truths are much more dangerous than lies. That’s why the half-truth is the perfect weapon for disinformation. The lies can be refuted or ignored, while half-truths necessitate supported efforts for being disclosed and this is a big difficulty for the consumers of information who are subject to brainwashing.

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