Organ donation means YES to life

The transplantation and donation of organs should be popularized and discussed at all levels. Professor Vlad Brașoveanu, whose excellence in transplantation is known on both sides of the Prut, told a news conference that organ transpiration should be promoted through the media so as to reduce the death rate among patients who are waiting for an organ from donor, IPN reports.

Professor Vlad Brașoveanu noted that in Romania there are important transplant centers that play a considerable role. Regrettably, the Republic of Moldova lags behind in this field.

Academician Irinel Popescu, a university professor, said that donation should be promoted. “I learned very early this thing: when the donation rate decreases, an information campaign should be conducted. I saw in Romania too this thing. The campaign to promote donation and in favor of transplant should remain permanent. Transplantation is important as, even if it may seem curios, there are conflicting options at the level of decision makers and this is very painful,” stated Irinel Popescu. “I’m every time glad to be near transplanted patients. This shows that our work wasn’t in vain,” he noted, greeting several of the former patients present in the hall.

For his part, surgeon Dorin Hotineanu said it is great when transplanted patients work further to help those who are on the waiting list. There are permamntly about 80 persons waiting for liver transplant. It is now very important to promote donation of internal organs. Things should be revised and organ transplantation should be devoted more attention. “I saw very good examples even after the pandemic, when relatives of patients who died started to look for us,” stated spus Dorin Hotineanu. He said there are successful cases, but sustained efforts should be made to reduce mortality among persons waiting for an organ.

Those attending the conference called on the media and society to promote organ transplantation so as to save more lives.

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