AUR Moldova and Union National Council to stage Union March May 21

Representatives of the Party “Alliance for Union of Romanians from the Republic of Moldova” (AUR) and the Union National Council (CNU) will mount a Union March on May 21. The participants will come together in front of the National Theater “Mihai Eminescu” from where they will move towards the Great National Assembly Square. According to representatives of AUR and CNU, Moldova’s road to the EU must be confirmed on May 21, but this desideratum can be achieved only by the reunion with Romania.

In a news conference hosted by IPN, AUR Moldova first deputy head, lawyer Veronica Pascal said that a new historic event for Moldova will take place on May 21, 2023 – the “European Moldova” Assembly. They will stage a march along Ștefan cel Mare Blvd and in the central square of Chisinau will demand that the current government should hasten the steps of integrating the Republic of Moldova into the EU through the reunion with Romania.

According to her, all the economic and legal conditions are now being met for Moldova’s union with Romania. “We have the Declaration of Independence adopted in 1989. We have a war on the border. We have poverty. We have economic decline. We have the experience of 30 years during which it was proven that the Republic of Moldova cannot exist as an independent state,” said Veronica Pascal.

CNU first deputy head Gheorghe Viță said that the Republic of Moldova on August 27 last year marked the 31th anniversary of the declaring of its Independence, but it didn’t obtain much in this period. “We are now the poorest state in Europe and the most corrupt country in the world.  These are the results we achieved during 31 years of Independence. This piece of Romanian land between the Nistru and the Prut should have been reunified with the homeland, Romania, back in 1991,” stated Gheorghe Viță, noting that they will take part in the “European Moldova” Assembly on May 21 to promote the joining of the EU through Romania as they consider that this is the shortest path to the EU.

University professor Ion Ilichuk, a member of Union National Council, said he shares the opinion that the union with Romania is the shortest path to the EU. It is not known how fast the direct accession path proposed by the government will be covered. He called on the people to promote the union and to come to the May 21 Assembly to demand the union with the homeland, Romania.

AUR Moldova secretary general Constantin Ungureanu said the Moldovans have differing opinions. Some want to be independent. Others want to be with the Russians, while others want in the EU. “The union with the homeland, Romania, is the shortest path to integration into the European Union. We should do the union with the homeland ourselves. The Europeans will not do it for us. We, those from the Republic of Moldova and from Romania, will do it by a simple referendum, by an organic law. We can become part of the EU tomorrow already and be there together with our homeland,” noted Constantin Ungureanu.

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