Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in cultural sector, opened opportunities. IPN debate

The number and quality of projects implemented in cooperation by people of culture from both sides of the Prut have increased, but for these to have continuity, more financial support and a normative framework adjusted to the current needs are necessary, said experts invited to IPN’s public debate “Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in cultural sector, opened opportunities”.

Andrei Chistol, secretary of state of the Ministry of Culture, said that the Republic of Moldova as a country that is in an active process of integration and transfer of the European experience and legislation to the national legislation needs support and should borrow the good practices. “We need a much more flexible approach in financing the cultural production - cinematographic, theatrical, musical or other types of production. These annual mechanisms we have help, but do not develop. To really develop, we need a much more complex and broader approach,” said Andrei Chistol.

The secretary of state noted that it is important for the authorities to offer more institutional mechanism so as to simplify the interaction and mobility procedures. Financial mechanisms are needed so that the cultural production develops.

Actor and stage director Petru Hadârcă, director general of “Mihai Eminescu” National Theater in Chisinau, said that the openness, dialogue and communication that exist today between artists from Moldova, from Greater Romania, on both sides of the Prut, produced also other results. “We already have three productions with national theaters. Actors from Chisinau played on the same stage with actors of the National Theater of Târgu-Mureș. Actors from Chisinau performed in plays of the Iasi National Theater, while at the Radiophonic National Theater we already have over 14 plays, co-productions, with a number of ten actors of the National Theater of Chisinau and with actors of the theaters of Bucharest, with great actors in one cast: Ion Caramitru, Maia Morgenstern, Dan Puric, and with actors from here: Ana Decuseară, Anatol Durbală, Dan Melnic,” stated Petru Hadârcă.

He added that it is now much easier to establish partnerships, to go on tours as there is great openness and support in his regard.

Film director Dumitru Grosei, founder and president of the Association of Independent Filmmakers of the Republic of Moldova, said there are coproduction opportunities, there is cooperation in filmmaking, but more financing is necessary in this field. One cannot live decently on incomes from arts, from filmmaking in Moldova as these are small and even insufficient.

“It is expensive to make a film. Our rulers should realize this, both those from the legislature and those from the executive. Filmmaking is a synergetic industry. If they understand this thing, they will realize that by amending the law on cinematography and by creating the cinematographic fund, during five years at least, with a fund of minimum €10-€20 million to begin with, and then with a fund of up to €30 million, it would be a balance for us to produce,” stated Dumitru Grosei.

The film director noted that more cinemas should exist in the country for disseminating the national films. However, when there are no funds to produce, there are also no funds to promote and sell the production. They are hopeful that during the next few years, through cooperation with Romania and following the European integration approaches, there will be more opportunities, including external financing for cinematographic productions in Moldova.

The public debate entitled “Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in cultural sector, opened opportunities” was staged in the framework of the project “Double integration through cooperation and information”, which is implemented by IPN News Agency with support from the Department for the Relationship with the Republic of Moldova of the Government of Romania. The content of this article does not represent the official position of the Department for the Relationship with the Republic of Moldova.

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