Sergiu Harea: Romania is a friend and partner of Moldova

Romania is the Republic of Moldova’s friend and partner, including in the field of economic cooperation. Following cooperation and mutual investments, the two banks of the Prut now started to integrate at economic level, Sergiu Harea, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Republic of Moldova, stated in a public debate staged by IPN.

Sergiu Harea noted that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was the one that integrated business entities from both sides of the Prut so as to enhance competitive. “Investments are made by both sides, from Romania into the Republic of Moldova and vice versa. Given such developments, we see the intensification of relations. Respectively, the economies also integrate. It goes to investments in infrastructure, in developing energy networks that represent an economic development pillar and not only. All the projects I mentioned show the bilateral cooperation develops. I consider the bilateral discussions, business forums are important. A clear view on the part of the authorities is also needed as it will ultimately help to strengthen the relations. Currently, we supplement each other. We are friends, partners and this makes us be more confident in what we do,” stated Sergiu Harea.

He noted it is evident that the economies of the two countries are different, but there are also many similar challenges. “We are a small economy. The Republic of Moldova’s GDP is smaller than the GDP of Brasov County. Our salaries are much lower than in Romania. We must consider these aspects when comparing things. Many investors come to our country because we have cheaper labor force here. When we increase labor productivity in our country, we will have a more competitive economy and will have greater results,” he said.

In the same connection, Sergiu Harea welcomed the decision by the Moldovan Government, which ultimately followed the CCI’s recommendation to legalize the labor market for the citizens of the EU. “We earlier faced seriously problems when citizens of Romania wanted to become employed in the Republic of Moldova. Now that this is possible, we see growing competitiveness of our companies, which step by step conquer the Romanian market. If we look at the dynamics of the trade between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, except for the pandemic period, we will not see a year when there was no rise in exports.”

The chairman of the CCI also said that Moldova and Romania signed many bilateral agreements that enable the Moldovan business entities to integrate into the EU market, meeting the EU’s rigors. At interstate level, there are many bilateral agreements between Moldova and Romania, which regulate economic activity, help the business community to come closer to each other. At inter-chamber level, there are 14 cooperation agreements between the CCI and the National Chamber of Romania, which helps the Moldovan counterpart to promote business entities on both sides of the Prut.

Sergiu Harea noted that the political message transmitted by the official Chisinau is essential. “The intensification of the political dialogue, at executive level, surely gives an impetus and is a catalyst to companies as they realize that they also enjoy this type of support for programs they implement. It is important to ensure state support for the business community. This favors the implementation of a number of projects by business entities.”

The public debate entitled “Moldovan-Romanian economic cooperation, strategic partnership on the way to European integration” was staged within the framework of the project “Double integration through cooperation and information”, which is implemented by IPN News Agency with support from the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova of the Government of Romania.

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