Stake of Vilnius Summit is Ukraine, Igor Botan

The signing and ratification of the Association Agreement between Moldova and the EU does not mean that the process becomes irreversible. It means that Moldova moves to a new European integration stage, said the director of the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT, expert Igor Botan. He considers that changing the political course now would mean complete failure.

In the public debate “Stake of the Vilnius Summit as perceived by the Moldovan political class and society” that was organized by IPN Agency, Igor Botan stated he believes that the stake of the Vilnius Summit is Ukraine. “It will sign the Association Agreement with the EU and it is the great stake. Moldova is a supplement to this process. The modernization of Moldova is the second, internal stake. The new situation will force the political class to make effort to modernize itself. The ratification and signing of the agreement will probably have a positive effect, if everyone makes a common effort,” he said

He also said the way this Association Agreement will work was seen in 2008, when Russia pressurized Moldova into taking attitude towards the conflict in Georgia. “The then President Vladimir Voronin said that Moldova will wait to see the reaction of the EU and will then do the same. After the signing of the agreement, Moldova assumes responsibility for acting like the EU. But the signing of this agreement does not mean irreversibility. It means that we move to a new European integration stage,” stated the expert.

According to Igor Botan, later the politicians understood that they must communicate with the people about the association process so that they realize the benefits. “The offer of Russia means preservation of decay. It says that we can export as much we want and of what quality we want. This way Moldova will not develop,” said the ADEPT director.

He added that Moldova cannot afford to oscillate between the European Union and the Eurasian Union as it is risky to change the strategic course and the EU will no longer trust an undecided state.

The public debate “Stake of the Vilnius Summit as perceived by the Moldovan political class and society” is the 22nd of the series of debates “Development of political culture by public debates” that are staged with support from the German Foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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