PAS MP: Ilan Shor tries to destabilize situation in Moldova

The protesters who express their dissatisfaction by staying in tents in central Chisinau are paid by the Shor Party, said MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) Adrian Băluțel. According to him, the demonstration is aimed at destabilizing the situation in the Republic of Moldova. For their part, representatives of the extraparliamentary opposition said poverty made many citizens take to the streets for money and such a practice can be counteracted by raising the living standards in Moldova, IPN reports.

PAS MP Adrian Băluțel said that his party has struggled for all the citizens to have the right to protest without hindrances
. However, representatives of state institutions are collecting evidence to show that the people are paid by the Shor Party to protest round-the-clock next to the Parliament Building.

“This is a basic right and PAS, being in power, does its best to defend the citizens’ right to protest. The Shor Party’s protest is a protest with people who were bought. These are people who experience poverty due to the thefts. Fugitive Ilan Shor tries hard to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova, to embitter the people. He does not intend to unite society,” Adrian Băluțel stated in the program “Freedom with Dorin Galben” on TV8 channel.

“These citizens are the result of the government of all the parties that ruled so far and that brought the villages close to poverty. The people do not have another way out than to sell their day for surviving. To reduce corruption among the protesters, actions should be taken to improve the living conditions in localities,” said Liviu Vovc, of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”.

Political commentators said the Shor Party’s protest is to the advantage of the current government as the honest protesters who are dissatisfied with the crisis in the country do not want to be associated with such a discredited personage as Ilan Shor.

“The socioeconomic situation in the country is extremely difficult. The living standards decrease. Inflation is the highest in Europe. The parties and many citizens refused to join in the protests because they do not want to be associated with the Shor Party and with Shor, who is one of the most discredited public figures. The government benefits from Shor’s protest as this protest took the place of authentic protesters. But the political stability boat in the Republic of Moldova is shaking,” said political commentator Anatol Țăranu.

“It is suitable for the government for Shor to be the leader of the protest movement as he is a discredited figure. Shor, being a leader of the protests, cannot intensify the wave of dissatisfaction with the current government. The goal of Sunday’s protest was to see if other unpaid people come to express their dissatisfaction. Shor does not pose a real threat to the current government,” said political commentator Ilian Cașu.

The Short Party mounted an antigovernment protest on September 18, demanding that the President should resign and that snap parliamentary elections should be called. Later, several hundred protesters chose to protest nonstop next to the Parliament Building where several tens of tents were pitched in the “Town of Change”. The Shor Party announced that a new protest will be staged on September 25 in front of the Presidential Palace.

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