September DIGEST. Most important news articles of IPN "Chișinău” news flow

September 1: The students of the Theoretical Lyceum “Pro Succes” started the new school year in a new building that was renovated by the municipality. As many as 115 first graders will attend the lyceum this year. In the new school year start festivity, the lyceum’s principal Nadia Cristea said that new development opportunities were created so as to ensure the continuity of their institution. “Here, we will manage to develop what we have dreamt of for 20 years, together with the enrolment of the first child – a school of tolerance, cooperation, inclusive education, wellbeing and mutual support,” stated the principal. Attending the festivity, mayor general of Chisinau Ion Ceban said that half a year ago he could not imagine that the renovation works will be completed on time. But the works were finished even if some adjustments are yet to be made. The institution has an elevator for persons with special educational needs. “Your institution is a model not only for Chisinau, but for the whole country and even for the whole region. I’m glad that you have extraordinary conditions,” said the mayor.

September 2: The Cruzești – Ceroborta road will be renovated this year with financial support from the municipality of Chisinau. The access ways used by public transport will be modernized. The works will be performed as part of a project to the value of 43 million lei that is financed by the Transport and Communications Division. The Chisinau City Hall said that the streets Întemeietorul Crudu and Valea Stoino and the road going by the cemetery are being repaired in Cruzești commune. A sum of 2 million lei was earmarked in the municipal budget for the purpose. The works will cover a total length of 1.5 km of road.

September 2: The primary medical institutions in August reported over 600 patients who had allergic symptoms caused by ambrosia. According to the methodology used by the WHO, the reported number should be multiplied by ten. This means that at least 6,000 cases of such allergic reactions occurred in the municipality of Chisinau in August. At national level, the number is definitely higher, the chief health officer of Chisinau Boris Gîlca told a news conference centering on the measures taken to fight ambrosia in the capital city. Boris Gîlca said the treatment of allergic reactions includes lab tests for allergens, which are very costly and private laboratories profit from this. To public labs of hospitals and of local medical associations, the National Health Insurance Company does not allocate money for doing such tests and the patients pay themselves.

September 2: The cultural heritage of Chisinau will be presented in Romania’s Piatra Neamț where the Neamț Art Festival and the Days of Chisinau will be held during September 2-4. During three days, the residents of Piatra Neamț will enjoy a number of concerts given by talented artists from Chisinau. The events are staged by the Chisinau City Hall in partnership with the Piatra Neamț Council.

September 5: The Chisinau City Hall has bought 84 buses for the inhabitants of the suburban areas of the municipality. The vehicles already run on the routes that ensure connection between the capital city and the 35 suburban localities. According to mayor Ion Ceban, the vehicles were equipped with air conditioning systems and have a low floor with retractable platform. “The Chisinau City Hall will continue to modernize and to supplement the public transport units that run both on urban routes and on suburban ones,” wrote the mayor.

September 11: Puppet theater plays for children will be presented in central Chisinau in the open air on Sundays in September. Access will be free of charge. The Chisinau City Hall said the play “The Wild Geese” (folk tale) will be staged by “Pinocchio” Puppet Theater between 11am and 1pm on September 11, in “Mihai Eminescu” Square at 79 Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Blvd.

September 12: The students of 114 primary and secondary schools situated in the municipality of Chisinau eat at school. In 14 institutions, the children receive food parcels as the cooking facilities there are under repair. The authorities said the repair works will be completed in two-three weeks and are executed from the made savings or based on the main contracts. Andrei Pavaloi, deputy head of General Division of Education, Youth and Sport, in the ordinary meeting of officials of municipal services, said the preschool educational institutions implement the summer-autumn model menu in accordance with the contracts for the supply of food products signed with business entities.

September 12: The autumn cleanup campaign is to be launched in the municipality of Chisinau. About 60 units of transport will take away vegetal waste, including dry leaves. Approximately 400 workers will clean the yards of apartment buildings and sidewalks, while another 500 will clean the green areas. The waste dumps improvised in public places will be removed, Vasile Efros, unit head at the General Public Amenities Division, has told. The district head’s offices, municipal enterprises and subdivisions of the Chisinau City Hall will be responsible for the cleaning of waste storage platforms and the liquidation of unauthorized waste dumps. The employees of the General Public Amenities Division will intervene primarily in yards of apartment buildings so as to collect dry leaves. The vegetal waste will be composed.

September 15: The Chisinau City Hall has bought new equipment for performing road marking works in the capital city. The equipment is used to apply bicomponent paint, director of the municipal road maintenance company “Exdrupo” Sergiu Tomiță has told. “This is modern equipment made in Germany. We had waited for it for almost half a year owing to the war in Ukraine. We were taught how to use it by mates from Romania,” stated Sergiu Tomiță.

September 17: The Chisinau City Hall will buy 16 used articulated buses that are 18-meter long for the capital city. The units of transport have a low floor, ramp to ensure the access for persons in wheelchairs and air conditioning system. A team of specialists of the City Hall and the municipal Urban Bus Company examined the given vehicles last week in Sweden. Even if the units of transport were made in 2012, they are in a good technical state and can reliably run on the streets of the municipality of Chisinau. The price per unit, plus the delivery cost, is almost €42,000.

September 17: The Buzau County Council in Romania earmarked €400,000 for two projects to modernize Chisinau. The donation was accepted by the Chisinau Municipal Council in its last meeting, IPN reports, quoting the Chisinau City Hall. A sum of €350,000 will be allocated for the investment project “Laying out and Modernization of Cathedral Park”, while €50,000 will go to co-finance the investment project “Extensive Repair of Underground Pedestrian Passage on Dacia Blvd, at intersection with Traian Blvd and Decebal Blvd” in Botanica district.

September 20: Chisinau annually spends 4 million lei on maintaining lakes and rivers in the municipality. 731 workers of the municipal enterprise Green Areas Association during a week clean about 6 ha of areas situated by the water. About 10 tonnes of waste is collected weekly from the surface of rivers and lakes. Despite the performed works, swimming is banned in all the lakes in the city. The water is polluted and poses risks to health.

September 23: We are different but equal”. Students of Special School No. 12, which is the only educational institution for children with hearing impairments in the municipality of Chisinau, showcased their creative abilities guided by teachers who every day make effort to help their pupils develop. The activities were held to celebrate International Day of Sign Language. This day offers the opportunity to sensitize once again civil society and to remind that the hearing impairment is not an obstacle to achieving the set objectives, said Andrei Pavaloi, head of the General Division of Education, Youth and Sport of the Chisinau City Hall.

September 26: Bactericidal recirculators were set up in 265 trolleybuses running in the capital city. The installation process started in July and ended in September. This is one of the sanitary safety measures in public transport aimed at containing COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. In the ordinary meeting of officials of municipal services, Dorin Chernyi, the head of the Chisinau Electric Transport Company, said that over 500 recirculators were installed. These were bought in the framework of the project “MOVE IT like Lublin” that is implemented by the Chisinau City Hall. “The main goal is to protect commuters from viruses and bacteria and to prevent the spread of these,” he stated.

September 28: The Chisinau City Hall, as the founder of the educational institutions of the municipality, allocated additional funds from the local budget for organizing groups with extended program for the 2022-2023 school year given that these groups are not among mandatory school services. The municipality said the decision was taken at the request of school principals, taking into account the number of students and of requests made by parents, the available teaching staff and the necessary spaces.

September 30: Over 500 persons – businesspeople, economic experts, foreign investors and donors, representatives of the academic community and the NGO sector – are taking part in the 2022 Economic Forum “Invest in Chisinau”. The event also involves official delegations of the sister and partner cities of Chisinau. The investment map of the capital city, which includes over 69 facilities attractive to investors, is presented in the forum. Mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban said that foreign direct investment last yearend came to 70 billion lei, while sales revenue totaled more than 347 billion lei. Over 800,000 square meters of residential and non-residential spaces were made available by the building sector last year. Despite the difficult conditions, the municipality managed to treble capital investments compared with the last three years, in times of a pandemic, economic and energy crisis.

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