Future physicians and pharmacists took the oath

To keep the honor and noble traditions of the medical profession with holiness and to treat patients regardless of nationality, political affiliation, social status – this was the oath taken by the graduates of the 2024 class of “Nicolae Testemitanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. The university’s rector Emil Ceban stressed that today the young people become members of the medical community and urged them to have a lot of confidence in their own strength and determination in carrying out all future projects, IPN reports.

At the oath taking ceremony, Emil Ceban said that the doors of Alma-Mater will always remain open to graduates. He encouraged them to return to the university in autumn to continue their studies in residency or the master’s degree, specifying that the medical professions, on which people’s lives and health depend, require continuous professional education.

Present at the ceremony, President Maia Sandu said that the medical profession comes with many challenges. “Today you take the oath of the physician and pharmacist, a sacred and honest commitment to save lives and help the people be healthy. May this commitment guide you throughout your life. Let’s teach the people that medicine is science and science saves lives. After graduation, you will work for many years in the service and for the benefit of the people. I invite you to spend them in the Republic of Moldova. We need you here, at home,” noted the official.

Minister of Health Ala Nemerenco said that we are on close to a new era, in which technologies will radically transform societies and medicine in the first place. They will make the system of medicine more efficient, less expensive, more equitable, but doctors will provide what no machine or robot can offer – humanity. “With all the rigorous standards and demanding procedures in medicine, the practice is a deeply personal and human endeavor. It is a very delicate and demanding art at the end of which, when it is well practiced, someone’s life is saved and our patients are freed from suffering,” stated the official.

“I have all the appreciation for the effort, work, sleepless nights you had to get here today. And if you succeeded, it means that you are the best, it means that you have shown a lot of dedication, a lot of tenacity, love for books. The truth is that the best have always gone to medicine,” said Minister of Education and Research Dan Perciun, addressing the graduates.

Graduates noted that they are completing an important stage, have accumulated valuable knowledge for the future careers and Alma-Mater opened the doors of knowledge not only from books, but also from life experiences, contributing to the growth and discovery of their true potential. The professors supported them with devotion in their academic and professional development, instilled in them the fundamental values of the profession.

As many as 1,025 graduates of whom 604 local and 421 foreign citizens from 13 countries took the oath this year.

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