Chisinau taxies will have cash register

In the near future taxies from Chisinau will be equipped with cash registers. This declaration was made by the head of the Direction for Control and Appeals of the Main State Tax Inspectorate (MSTI), Viorel Dandara, based on a decision taken by the MSTI at the end of June. The Tax Inspectorate previously warned the main owners of taxi cabs that every vehicle should be equipped with cash registers with fiscal memory. Viorel Dandara stated for Info-Prim Neo that according to this decision the economic agents that will not fulfill the requirements will be sanctioned. According to the quoted source, the lack of cash registers with fiscal memory in cabs until now was caused by the fact that there were no approved automobile-mounted cash registers. Recently, an economic agent imported cash registers similar to those from the cabs of Romania. Dandara stated that the supplier is ready to ship as many registers as the taxi companies will require. The head of the Union of transporters, Eugeniu Daţco, asserts that the mere introduction of these register will have no effect because the taxi driver can keep the machine switched off. He believes that other implementation measures are required, with conditions that will satisfy equally the taxi companies, the fiscal inspectorate, the drivers and the passengers. Although Eugeniu Daţco is not against the installations of the cash register, he assures that the issue at hand is not yet completely studied, and it is not yet known which parameters to take into consideration when computing the price of the trip, or if the prices of a trip will remain the same. The director of Taxi-Service, Tudor Rusu, supports the idea that trip surveillance is compulsory. His company is the only one of the city’s 35 taxi companies that has installed cash register with fiscal memory in every car, and they proved to be the backbone for a quality service. The quoted source stated that the price per km is approximately MDL 3 and is constant both night and day. This year in June, Info-Prim Neo has addressed the problem of installing cash registers in taxies, and has requested the opinion of several high officials. The Head deputy of the Direction for transporters of the Ministry of Transports and Road Management, Nicolae Salari, acknowledged that in the absence of cash registers with fiscal memory, the taxi drivers can set their own prices per trip and pay taxes from the arithmetic sum of the income. According to Salari, the new version of the Regulations for auto passengers and luggage that has come into force since last week foresees the mandatory installation of cash register in taxies. The head of the Main State Tax Inspectorate from Chisinau, Procopie Duca, affirmed that the lack of cash registers in taxies allows the taxi companies to avoid taxes. According to the legislation in force concerning the entrepreneur license, the owner of the entrepreneur license is not forced to use a cash register, Procopie Duca stated. The statistics show that there are some 600 taxies in Chisinau which have a license of an individual entrepreneurship. The companies that have a license pay a 15% tax, but the income is declared by the companies themselves, because there are no records of how many passengers were transported, the numbers of kilometers run or what amount of money was really received. The taxes are computed from the medium amount of income shown by taxi services.

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