Jobs are not attractive for young people, study

A study conducted by the National Youth Council of Moldova shows the jobs are not attractive for the young people, these being discouraged by the low salaries. Therefore, many of them choose to emigrate. In a news conference at IPN, expert of the Center for Organizational Training and Consultancy Mariana Iatsko said the state policies on youth orientation and support on the labor market are not very well known by the young people, these having an insignificant impact. The qualifications of a large part of the young people do not meet the labor market requirements.

The study shows 75% of the students know the policies in the field to a small extent, while 25% to a moderate extent and no student of those who took part in the survey know about the employment strategy at an advanced level.

The strategy aims to increase the employment level of the population, in particular of the young people, starting from the main challenges, such as the limited access of vulnerable groups to the labor market, shortage of productive jobs and of qualified personnel in rural areas, the large number of inactive people and labor migration.

The survey carried out among students shows 80% of the respondents consider the employment policies should not be necessarily rethought, but emphasis should be rather placed on the quality of their implementation and on the ensuring of a good dialogue between decision makers and beneficiaries of such policies.

Mariana Iatsko said the state education policies should be connected to the labor market policies. Flexible employment forms should be applied on the labor market, especially for young people. Measures are also needed to stimulate the employment of the youth.

Ion Stângaci, deputy head of the Employment Policy Implementation Division of the National Employment Agency, said the state takes measures to ensure the employment of young people. The subsidization of the job, mainly for young people with disabilities, is one of the measures. There will be financed initiatives to create jobs in rural areas, to adjust the workplace, to offer scholarships while in internship and other measures.

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