Vladimir Bolea: Government makes effort to do reforms till the end

The current Government led by Maia Sandu is the most capable ever in Moldova. This cannot be called the Government of ACUM Bloc and is namely the Government of Maia Sandu. The executive that consists of real professionals endeavors and will really manage to implement the laws and reforms till the end, ACUM Bloc MP Vladimir Bolea stated in a public debate entitled “Freeing Moldova from ‘Oligarchy’ and ‘State Capture’: Limits of Legality”. This was the 113th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that are staged by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova.

According to the MP, the problem in Moldova does not reside in laws as these exist and continue to be adopted. “The problem resides in their implementation or non-implementation. In a state, the law should rule and it will be then easy for everyone to live and work,” stated Vladimir Bolea.

He noted the changes taking place in Moldova are based not on the declaration on state capture that was adopted by the parliamentary majority, but on laws, but this declaration should also have legal effects. For now, no one was held accountable for the illegalities committed in Moldova. ”Definitely, the new Government and the parliamentary majority didn’t break and will not break the law. In Moldova, there are many perfect, European laws that were adopted in European spirit, but are applied in our own spirit. The judicial system was also pro-European, but served the interests of anyone else except of the Moldovan citizens,” said the MP.

Vladimir Bolea also said that the role of the citizens is key when political changes occur as these are instituted only when there is a critical mass of people who demand these changes. “All the changes witnessed now in the country are the result of the demand of the Moldovan citizens.”

Among the captured institutions, he named the Constitutional Court that in a very short period of time showed how the whole judicial system worked. “This worked by someone’s order. Laws were adopted at someone’s order and were annulled at the order of the same persons. Starting with 1991, the judicial system had never served the citizens and the country (…) If we want to build something new or to do reforms till the end, we should carry out a thorough analysis,” stated the politician.

Vladimir Bolea criticized some of the social programs launched by the previous government, but gave others as very good examples. He said the program “First House” is very good and is popular with the citizens. The provision of a box with things needed by a newborn at birth was also a good project, but this was implemented with serious problems, including when holding tender contests, and was thus annulled. Instead, the mothers will get by 1,600 lei more when giving birth and they are satisfied with this.

He added that the program “Good Roads” was also good, but was implemented defectively. ”In the Republic of Moldova, we now do not have roads, but only movement directions. And goods roads are indeed necessary all over Moldova”.

The public debate “Freeing Moldova from ‘Oligarchy’ and ‘State Capture’: Limits of Legality” was the 113th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are held with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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