Violeta Ivanov: In four years, there will be no villages without street lighting

The Shor Party’s candidate for President Violeta Ivanov completed the first part of her election campaign. In a press briefing, she said she had meetings with thousands of people from different localities and reiterated the objectives of her electoral program, IPN reports.

“I visited hundreds of localities and met with thousands of people, young and old, people of different professions, with different views and of different nationalities, who welcomed our electoral program and expect this to be implemented as swiftly as possible. Today we have a finished document that offers responses and concrete solutions to each problem faced by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” stated Violeta Ivanov.

The candidate sees her electoral program for the presidential elections, entitled “Moldova 2020-2024”, as guidelines. She said she will focus on several key directions, namely infrastructure and regional development, agriculture, social protection and healthcare and, surely, the fight against corruption, while the investments and the augmentation of budget revenues will create conditions for developing Moldova’s villages.

“We will ensure the connection of all the localities of the Republic of Moldova to high-quality drinking water and gas. In four years, there will be no villages without street lighting. During the shortest period of time, we will implement a road conception to ensure several daily public transport routes from the village to the district center,” said Violeta Ivanov.

She noted that the farmers will be encouraged to produce more and will have guaranteed access to markets. The young people will be stimulated to work. The childbirth allowance will be raised to 24,000 lei, while the monthly childcare allowance will be paid up to the age of 18. A minimum salary of 10,000 lei will be ensured until 2024. The pensions will be raised to at least 5,000 lei by then.

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