Vasile Năstase: Domestic policy is the best foreign policy

Vasile Năstase, MP of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” of the ACUM bloc, believes the domestic policy is the best foreign policy. According to the MP, the idea of a balanced foreign policy appeared in 1995, when Parliament voted a decision on the foreign policy concept. The then political class and the subsequent regimes didn’t understand that the foreign policy is the result of internal activity and serious reforms done inside the country can help improve the country’s foreign relations.

In a
public debate entitled “Balanced foreign policy: capacities, advantages, risks” that was organized by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova, the MP stated that if the homework had been done, an application for entry into the EU would have been filed long ago. But discrepancies were witnessed, including persecutions while the Communist Party ruled, simulation of economic reforms, mimicking of relations with Romania and the EU. All these led to the current situation.

“The most important thing as regards foreign policy is when a Government enjoys credibility. This was evident recently, when the financial and structural relations with the foreign partners, including the EU and the IMF, were improved in a record period of time given the credibility of the Government of the ACUM bloc. Regrettably, the current government, with the so-called balanced foreign policy, thwarted all the plans. They now entered a serious crisis and I don’t know how they can overcome it,” he noted.

According to Vasile Năstase, the statements made by President Igor Dodon at the Munich Security Conference concerning the comprehensive package for Moldova weren’t taken seriously as the President “spoke ideologically”. One cannot speak about neutrality and a balanced policy when there is a foreign military basis and obsolete munitions on the territory of your country. “Many things do not match this equilibristic approach of Mister Dodon.”

The MP considers any issue that is solved positively, either in the East or in the West, and is advantageous to the people is welcome.

“The problem is that this and other governments going through the political landscape want funds. And they every time want funds without reforms. This is the biggest problem. The Chicu Government realizes very well that money will not come if it does not do reforms,” said Vasile Năstase, noting Russia will not easily provide money to the President and Romania will also not offer money if reforms are absent.

The EU will finance the justice sector reform or reforms in particular areas of the economy where results are expected. “We must give up hoping for money for survival as this is like water thrown into the desert. A government should be credible and will be then able to access funds intended for reforms. The temptations to take money somewhere from Latin America are very dangerous for Moldova that should be attentive to what loans it takes out and under what conditions,” stated the MP, wondering if Moldova can follow a different path after signing an Association Agreement with the EU.

The debate titled “Balanced foreign policy: capacities, advantages, risks” was the 122nd installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the German foundation Hanns Seidel.

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