Vasile Grădinaru: Andrei Năstase is the only credible candidate abroad who can attract funds

Vasile Grădinaru, the representative of Andrei Năstase, the Electoral bloc "ACUM Platform DA and PAS" candidate for the position of general mayor of Chișinău, said that Andrei Năstase and his team come to City Hall with a new approach, with new projects and solutions for concrete problems: "We will tackle the problems that people face, we will not engage in politics". According to Vasile Grădinaru, Andrei Năstase is the only credible candidate abroad who can attract funds in order to carry out city projects. The candidate's representative made the statements at the "Only one out of many: who and why?" public debates, organized by the IPN Press Agency.

According to Vasile Grădinaru, one of the main objectives of the candidate he represents is to change the quality of the Municipal Council and the City Hall, to register all the assets that are municipal property and to fight against illegal constructions in parks and other places.

In addition to the fight against corruption, which is his main priority, the mayoral hopeful will focus on street lighting, urban mobility, the building of multi-storey car parks, the "fight with filth through waste management", the collection, transport and processing of waste. The candidate's representative said that the mayoral hopeful wants those who are aware of the issue that Chișinău faces to vote for Andrei Năstase and for the ACUM team.

Vasile Grădinaru said that, considering that the suburbs are part of Chișinău, Andrei Năstase and his team came up with the idea of creating a special deputy mayor position for the suburbs, in order to "reintegrate the suburbs into Chișinău".

Vasile Grădinaru assured the skeptics among the other candidates present at the debate that Andrei Năstase can carry out the projects proposed during the electoral race. He offered as an example the issue of street lighting, which can be addressed with the help of smart sensors for old light poles in order to significantly reduce electricity costs. In the field of waste management, the EU is willing to invest in the ACUM team projects.

According to Vasile Grădinaru, Andrei Năstase is the best person for the mayoralty due to his achievements as minister of internal affairs: "the elimination of the political police, the first project of reversible circuit lanes in Chișinău and the set up of two free parking spaces in crowded places”.

The third round of the "Only one out of many: who and why?" electoral debate, which involves the participation of mayoral hopefuls for Chișinău municipality, is the 118th edition of the "Development of political culture in public debates" cycle, supported by the German Foundation Hanns Seidel.

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