​​​​​​​Vasile Bolea: We hope that this coalition will work over the course of the next four years

The commitments, which were stipulated in the temporary agreement between the Socialist Party and the ACUM bloc, were 95% achieved, claimed the Socialist MP Vasile Bolea. According to him, PSRM pleads for this coalition to work over the course of a full four-year term, because there are many issues to deal with in the country. The parliamentarian believes that an executive, legislative and coalition roadmap is needed in order to govern the country. The statements were made at the public debate on the topic: "Relationships between government components: experience, expectations, challenges", organized by the IPN Press Agency and Radio Moldova.

Vasile Bolea said that a second agreement regarding medium term actions, over the course of two years, was proposed. The referenced actions would tackle social and entrepreneurial issues. In this regard, the PSRM appointed a task group that drafted on paper the party's vision. The draft was presented to the ACUM bloc colleagues. Several talks followed, including talks regarding the fact that the executive branch has its own action plan which should be adjusted to the wishes of the PSRM. According to the MP, even if there are differences concerning ideas or different approaches to issue, these differences must be discussed, then a common position should be presented to the public.

"If we are to govern the country, then we should do it. Although we are in power, sometimes we behave as if we were in opposition. Some actions and behavior correspond to genuine opposition. However, we must realize that we are in government. In this sense, the responsibility to make, sometimes difficult decisions, lies upon us. The decisions that the government makes influence the way things are going in the country”, stated the parliamentarian.

According to the MP, PSRM has not tried to lecture others, as others in the Parliament are trying to do, "who always talk about what happened in the past". However, Vasile Bolea said that he prefers to talk about the issues of today and about the future of the country and the children's future, which must be a beautiful one. The MP also talked about the appointments which were criticized, even by some coalition colleagues. According to him, the appointments were made in Parliament, via consensus, and all political actors, including the opposition and independent MPs, participated in the organization of the contests. "Nobody can blame the Socialists for anything". He added that the PSRM does not have very much influence over the parliamentary majority. Considering that the group has 35 mandates, its influence only amounts to around 50%. "Thus, PSRM must take into account the wishes and visions of the ACUM bloc colleagues”, he said.

The MP also addressed the topic of the local elections set for October 20. In his opinion, elections are a competition and it is important that as soon as the competition is over, there are no hard feelings afterwards, within the ruling coalition. "The elections come and go. All of us have tasks to fulfill, not for ourselves, but for the country. There will always be risks and there will always be those wanting to hinder our progress and further cooperation. These risks always existed and always will. What previously happened during the period of power duality, between June 7-14, is an example of circumstances and premises that were created so that we would not be able to cooperate. Similar attempts will follow. What will happen, remains to be seen", explained the MP.

In his vision, it is important to be aware of these things and to minimize the risks. Vasile Bolea said that, if coalition members strictly adhered to the plan, which is yet to be devised, the government could overcome these risks. "If we are able to determine who does what and we remain united, then we will be able to go forward together and achieve many things for the country." In his view, the economy must be revived. Government members need to raise revenues in order to be able to invest in citizens.

The public debate "Relations between government components: experience, expectations, challenges" is part of the 116th edition of the cycle "Development of political culture in public debates", held with the support of the German Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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