Tiraspol’s manqué foreign minister: Transnistria ready for dialog with Moldova, but nothing is to be discussed

Transnistria is ready to resume the dialog with Moldova, yet the sides don’t have what to talk about, the would-be foreign minister of Transnistria, Valery Litskay, said at a news conference, being asked to comment on re-starting the talks on solving the Transnistrian issue, Info-Prim Neo reports, quoting Olviapress. Valeri Litskay has explained now there take place no preparations to resume the negotiations – there is no agenda, nor a package of documents for discussions. Invoking his 15-year experience in preparing such meetings, Litskay has said they are preceded by assiduous work of experts, which is not happening now. Reminding that Moldova insists on realizing the Law on Transnistria’s status passed by the Parliament in 2005, Litskay has underlined Moldova’s plans are unattainable. According to Litskay, neither the guarantors, nor the mediators support official Chisinau’s position. Ukraine is not mentioned at all in Moldova’s plans, which also run counter Russia’s position. President Vladimir Voronin statement is mere electoral PR, Valery Litskay has said, remarking that Voronin pursues to hold on to power and not the regulation of the Transnistrian conflict. Litskay has also criticized the Voronin’s initiatives launched some 4 months ago to enhance the trust between Chisinau and Tiraspol. The Moldovan President promised then expert groups would draft projects on such areas as the infrastructure, trade and economy, medical and social assistance. Chisinau has given Transnistria none of those projects, the Tiraspol diplomat accuses. He has specified 12 experts groups have been working in Moldova for 4 months, but neither the Tiraspol authorities, nor Russia, nor Ukraine have seen any line from any document. Referring to the Moldo-Russian relationships getting warmer, Valery Litskay has stated Moldova permanently changes the direction of its foreign policy, which is either pro-Western, or pro-Russian. Once in three years we notice a complete cycle, now it is the period of the pro-Russian phase, Litskay said. Vladimir Voronin’s statements on Moldova’s neutrality are but a new maneuver of official Chisinau, said Valery Litskay. In 2004, Moldova proposed to sign a Pact on its neutrality. The Pact, which is a serious document, unlike a declaration on neutrality, was not signed by any state, Valery Litskay added. Referring to Tiraspol’s foreign policy, Litskay has said it should be corrected and must become multi-directional. At the same time, Litskay has mentioned this multi-directionality will differ from Moldova’s one. When a small country has a policy with 10-12 directions it is not serious, Valery Litskay said.

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