Ștefan Gligor: Behavior of center-right parties demotivates voters

The center-right parties of Moldova have fewer chances of winning the March 15 elections in Hâncești and the presidential elections. Moreover, analysts believe the pro-European parties will lose the next parliamentary elections too if they do not work out a common strategy, IPN reports.

“This time, the parties of the right’s chances of winning are very slim. The center-right parties demotivate the voters by their behavior, by the absence of a strategy. These should realize that they need mobilization instruments by which to persuade the voters that they can win,” lawyer Ștefan Gligor said in the talk show “Natalia Morari’s Politics” on TV8 channel.

He noted the highest stake is not the elections in Hâncești constituency or the presidential elections of this autumn, but the parliamentary elections.

“Problems started to be experienced inside the ACUM Bloc after the Sandu Government was removed and these problems became evident in the elections in Hâncești. The PAS and PPPDA should learn to communicate between them and should know to control their political ambitions. The goal of the elections in Hâncești is to create a situation of misunderstanding between parties as these could quarrel and would omit the most important things. In the parliamentary elections, they would lose,” stated the activist.

Analyst Stella Jantuan said the center-right parties follow an incorrect direction when they consider the elections in Hâncești and the presidential elections are important. A seat of MP will not change the current situation in the legislature if the PSRM and PDM form a coalition. The ordinary or snap parliamentary elections are the highest stake and the PSRM already started work in this regard.

Commentator Roman Mihăieș anticipates that the center-right parties will reach a consensus until the presidential elections, but the elections in Hâncești will be won by the Party of Socialists owing to the dissentions existing inside the ACUM Bloc.

Ștefan Gligor concluded that even if the next elections in Moldova are won by center-right parties, this would not be the merit of the politicians, but would be rather due to the activism of the people with the feeling of justice, who struggle for their justice.

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