State of emergency extended for 45 days

The state of emergency that was declared on February 24 and was extend on April 21 was extended again, this time for a period of 45 days. A decision to this effect was adopted by Parliament following a relevant request made by Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița. The MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists and of Șor Party didn’t support such a move, IPN reports.

Premier Gavrilița said the Government further needs instruments that enable it to take swift and efficient decisions that cannot be adopted under the ordinary normative framework. These refer to the procedures for allocating financial resources, for simplifying customs control, for synchronizing the work of customs posts depending on the flow of goods and passengers and on the developments in the region so as to ease traffic of freight and travelers on border.

“Given that the war in the neighboring country is not expected to end soon and the security risks, including the economic, energy, humanitarian and military ones, in the region and for the Republic of Moldova persist, we consider our request with which we came today in Parliament – to extend the state of emergency for 45 days as from June 24, 2022 – is justified,” Natalia Gavrilița said before the MPs.

The MPs of Șor Party said they consider the extension of the state of emergency is an abuse of power and a serious violation of the Constitution.  Marina Tauber noted that even if Moldova is a parliamentary republic in accordance with the Constitution, the legislative body for almost a year has been excluded from the decision-making process owing to the states of emergency declared on all kinds of pretexts.

BCS MP Diana Caraman said that this decision is dictated by the evil goals of the parliamentary majority, which promotes its own interests as is harder to do this in ordinary conditions. Her mate Vasile Bolea stated that the country has lived under the state of emergency for eight months already. “You speak about problems in the supply of electrical energy, oil products. But what did the Commission for Exceptional Situations do to solve these problems?” he asked.

For his part, PAS MP Adrian Băluțel said the state of emergency last October was declared due to the energy crisis for the purpose of ensuring the country’s energy security and for providing the citizens with subsidies through the gas and heat bills. The state of emergency never affected the functioning of the opposition, the media, but helped the people. The war in Ukraine generated an unprecedented global economic crisis and the declaring of the state of emergency enabled again to resolve a series of issues.

When put to the vote, the draft decision to extend the state of emergency for a period of 45 days was supported by 59 PAS MPs. The MPs of BCS and Șor Party either voted against or abstained.

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