Socialists in Moldova want to separate the geopolitics from European integration, opinion

The delimitation of European integration by its geopolitical identity is part of a meticulous political experiment, carried out by the pro-Russian forces in Moldova. They prioritize the technical and financial character of European integration and do not tolerate the exclusivity of the European orientation of the country, writes political scientist Dionis Cenușa in an analysis article for the IPN Agency.

Therefore, the EU is perceived similarly to development actors, such as the World Bank, argues the political scientist.

In other words, he says, the contractual relations with the EU will be respected, but the symbolism is wiped out, and the technical approach predominates.

This logic is confirmed by Moldova's government participation in a trilateral request to the EU, together with Ukraine and Georgia. The three demands providing enough financial resources in the future EU budget, severely affected by Brexit, points out Dionis Cenuşa.

In his opinion, the Socialists would simulate the previous opposition against the attempt to "constitutionalize" the European vector. Today, they want to neutralize the vote of a pro-European legislative declaration, equalized to a sort of geopolitical oath.

In addition to the desire not to indemnify his natural partners in Moscow, President Igor Dodon favours European integration for technical reasons, rather than for geopolitical ones. This would mean approximation to European standards, preferably with the European money, but without seeking a subsequent accession to the EU, considers the political scientist.

Given that, Dionis Cenușa thinks, the annulment of the Association Agreement disappears as a necessity, and its use can become even beneficial - for purely technical and image-related needs.

Moreover, the European states, such as Hungary or member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union such as Armenia, serve as an inspiration to understand how material benefits can be extracted from EU relations, without pursuing geopolitical objectives, concludes the political scientist.

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