Shortage of staff is a challenge for new government

The absence of professionals and upright persons who would like to work for the state institutions so as to contribute to the change promised by the Party of Action and Solidarity will be the most serious challenge for the new government, consider representatives of PDM and PPPDA, which will not be represented in the new Parliament. According to them, a profound cleaning of the system will be impossible only by the effort of those from PAS.

The representatives of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” said that when taking over, the Party of Action and Solidarity will face an acute shortage of staff. For the system to be fully reformed, the ruling party should co-opt professionals from other political parties, from civil society and the diaspora. 

“Considering the intention to clean the system at the level of state secretaries, agency heads, state enterprises, I think neither PAS nor other party has sufficient staff for all the institutions. If a real crackdown on the system is wanted, people from outside the party should also be involved,” ex-vice president of PPPDA Alexandru Slusari stated in the talk show “Natalia Morari’s Politics” on TV8 channel.

According to the Democrats, the attraction of professionals to the public system is a very difficult process when the salaries are not attractive and when there is political instability.

“I had served as a minister for six years. No university graduate wants to come to ministries to work for a salary of 3,200 lei that is paid to a beginner. Serious problems in implementing the program will be faced even if the minister is excellent. The best professionals are either involved in international projects where they are paid very well or work abroad,” said PDM vice president Monica Babuc.

Political expert Vladislav Kulminski said the priority of PAS is to identify competent and incorruptible persons who would be ready to assume governance.

“PAS will not manage to cope with the situation alone, as a party that assumes full responsibility. We do not speak only about 9-10 ministers. We speak about a whole class of managers. We need persons who are not necessarily 100% proficient. We need people with managerial skills who will be able to break the corruption chain,” stated Kulminski.

In accordance with the law, the first sitting of the newly elected Parliament is held within 30 days of election day and is called by the President of the Republic of Moldova.

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