Shor was largest beneficiary of most valuable assets of trade unions, report

Ilan Shor was the largest beneficiary of the sold real estate that belonged to the National Trade Union Confederation (CNSM), while a company owned by Vlad Plahotniuc emerges only occasionally, Lilian Carp, a member of the commission of inquiry into the sale of trade unions’ assets, stated in a press briefing. The report contains more than 4,000 pages and was compiled during over a year, IPN reports.

“We have property belonging to trade unions that was used as garages, to take money out of Banca Socială, and we should also determine the connection with the money obtained from Banca de Economii within the bank fraud. The property of trade unions was also used in the process of taking liquidity out of the banks that went bankrupt,” stated Lilian Carp.

The commission hired an economic expert who calculated the damage caused to the trade unions when their possessions were sold. The estimated value of only 32 real estate transactions of the 48 facilities located outside the county is of about 1 billion lei.

“The group of companies affiliated to Ilan Shor became the largest beneficiary of the most valuable assets of trade unions. Given that after Ilan Shor obtained the assets of the CNSM, financial resources in their modernization or extensive reconstruction weren’t invested, the goal pursued by this was to use them as collateral for illegally obtaining loans,” stated Lilian Carp.

According to the information obtained by the commission of inquiry from the Security and Intelligence Service and other state institutions, this happened owing to an interest relationship between Ilan Shor and the chairman of the National Trade Union Confederation Oleg Buza. Buza’s son Stanislav Budza also had close relations with Ilan Shor. When Ilan Shor served as the president of the Administration Board of Banca de Economii, Stanislav Budza formed part of the Administration Board.

“Before the sale of Turist Hotel in 2010, in the CNSM’s meeting of 28.08.2009, on the initiative of Oleg Budza, the Confederal Committee of the National Trade Union Confederation of the Republic of Moldova agreed to provide the collateral for the loans raised by the company affiliated to Ilan Shor from Banca Socială. In that meeting, Oleg Budza was empowered to sign the pledge contract,” stated Lilian Carp.

Commission member Vasile Năstase said the report can be used as evidence by prosecutors as this case is very serious and should be investigated till the end. The supporters of Oleg Budza from trade unions refused to cooperate with the commission of inquiry. “The National Anticorruption Center started 14-15 criminal cases, but they were all dropped following giving of bribe and inference from outside, including political,” stated Vasile Năstase.

The administrator of the CNSM is to pronounce on the issue in a press briefing later today.

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