Ruslan Verbițchi: There is a political component in adjustment of public transport fares

Most of the local councilors decided to delegate the Chisinau Municipal Council’s prerogative to decide the passenger public transport fares to mayor general Ion Ceban. It happened because there is a political component here, alongside the economic and social ones, the deputy head of the group of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” on the CMC Ruslan Verbitski said when he was asked by the moderator why the Council, as a legislative body, didn’t adopt the documents that adjust the fares itself. “We didn’t promise we will adjust the fares or will raise them. That’s why we voted for a calculation methodology as it is normal for the Chisinau City Hall to have a methodology showing how the fares are calculated. That’s why the setting of fares is the prerogative of the mayor,” he stated.

In IPN’s public debate “Public transport fares in the capital city: between necessity, equity and interests, including political ones”, the councilor said the fare of 6 lei was set for the whole municipality of Chisinau, including for the buses and trolleybuses that go to suburban settlements and this is good. The season tickets will also be cheaper for commuters than at present and will enable to collect revenues into the budgets of the municipal transport companies. These companies will be this way able to improve public transport services so that the passengers travel more comfortably in summer and in winter.

“I want to underline that the trips will cost cheaper than now. The season ticket for a period of six months will cost 972 lei. If we divide the price to 180 days, a trip will cost 5.15 lei. At the moment, a trip by bus to suburbs costs 5 lei, a trip by trolleybus in Chisinau costs 2 lei, while by bus – 3 lei. If the person makes two trips a day, the price will be adjusted by only 0.60 lei. I’m afraid the Chisinau Municipal Council will have to come with a new draft decision if gasoline in September-October costs 40-45 lei/liter, while gas -37 lei/liter,” stated the councilor.

Ruslan Verbitski said their group proposed amendments to extend the list of persons who are exempted from paying the fares. “As regards the municipal companies, I don’t think they will make profit. If the City Hall hadn’t provided subsidies, we would have had much higher prices. For PPPDA, it is clear that the rise in fares could have been avoided if our electoral contenders had delivered on their electoral promises,” noted the councilor of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”.

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