Procurement of small amounts of natural gas is not a solution, opinions

The borrowing from Romania of the volumes of gas needed for November and their transportation through the Iasi-Chisinau gas pipeline would strengthen Moldova’s position in the talks with Gazprom, said former Deputy Spoeaker of Parliament Alexandru Slusari. According to him, the purchase of natural gas in small amounts from the international market is not a viable solution for the Republic of Moldova. For his part, political commentator Ion Tăbârță said that Moldova needs a contract for the purchase of gas for at least a year to ensure its energy security, IPN reports.

After the state-owned company Energocom and the Polish company PGNiG signed a contract for the purchase of 1 million cubic meters of gas, a new contract for the supply of a similar amount was signed with the Dutch company Vitol. According to the authorities, the gas purchased from alternative sources is needed for ensuring pressure in the network, which declined by 30%.

“I don’t know if this procurement method, to purchase small amounts each day, will have the expected result in the talks with Gazprom. I don’t understand why Romania is ignored. Romania already made several calls to us. We have the Iasi-Chisinau pipeline. These purchases of gas that are transported through pipes that belong to Moldovagaz do not inspire confidence. The best solution is for the Republic of Moldova to borrow at least 70 million cubic meters of gas from Romania for November and transport it through the Iasi-Chisinau pipeline and to return this amount in half a year, by making small purchases for the southern districts where pressure from the center cannot be ensured. With such actions, our position at the talks with Gazprom will be strong,” Alexandru Slusari stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Political commentator Ion Tăbârță said the small purchases from alternative sources cannot ensure energy stability in Moldova, while the daily purchases of gas at market prices will have a major impact on the state budget.

 “We need predictability to ensure the energy security of the Republic of Moldova. With such daily supplies, we cannot have stability. This stability cannot be based on daily purchases, depending on the fluctuations on the international market. The Republic of Moldova should obtain a contract with clear conditions for a definite period of time. From the viewpoint of symbolism, we showed to Russia that we can also purchase gas from other sources. But it’s clear that the price is much higher and any natural has purchase now will cost much more than we paid until October 1,” stated Ion Tăbârță.

The Moldovan authorities avoid saying how much they paid to the Polish company PGNiG  for the supplied gas, invoking the commercial secret. However, the Government assures that the tariff paid by the citizens for natural gas will remain unchanged for now.

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