Two so-called clairvoyants get eight years in jail


Two self-styled female clairvoyants from Chisinau were sentenced to eight years in jail each. The criminal case against them was started after a woman from the capital city complained about the illegalities of the two, who are mother and daughter. The two women in 2014 and in 2017 promoted online their clairvoyant abilities, saying they have miraculous powers and can cure and attract luck, IPN reports.

The Prosecutor General’s Office said those interested were invited to the home of the two where they were swindled out of 100 lei for ‘the first curing meeting’. Later, by specific psychological manipulation methods, they obtained things from the victims, threatening them with the death of children or other serious consequences for their families.

This way, the two obtained possessions to the value of over 388,000 lei from a woman. Moreover, the woman borrowed large sums of money from the bank and from relatives, hiding the real purpose of the loans, so as to have her negative aura cleaned by the so-called clairvoyants.

The women voluntarily paid compensation equal to the size of the caused damage to the victim.