Second malaria death recorded in Moldova


A Moldovan man, 26, died of tropical malaria after returning from the West African nation of Benin, where he worked in constructions, the National Agency for Public Health (ANSP) reported.

He developed the first symptoms on August 6 and they included fever, headache, fatigue and abundant sweating.

After his condition got worse, the man was admitted to the Toma Ciorbă Infectious Diseases Hospital. His diagnose was confirmed on the same day and subsequently he was transferred to the Emergency Hospital’s intensive care ward. Despite doctors’ best effort, the patient couldn’t be saved.

The ANSP  says that malaria can be prevented and treated if protection rules recommended by the World Health Organization are respected, including: taking protective measures against mosquito bites, administering specific antimalarial treatment, seeing a doctor at the first signs of illness, avoiding outdoor activities near mosquito breeding sites such as lakes, ponds or swampy areas, especially late in the evening and at night.

Moldova has been for more than half a century free of indigenous malaria, but occasionally sees imported cases. During 2019-2021, seven malaria cases were reported. Last month, a Ukrainian man who found refuge in Moldova died of the disease after traveling to Africa.