Renato Usatîi from Munich: I voted for reformation of state


The leader of the Electoral Bloc “Renato Usatîi” voted for the reformation of the state, for the citizens who now form part of the diaspora to be able to vote near their parents and children, in Moldova, in the next elections. He cast his ballot in the German city Munich, IPN reports.

“I voted for electronic voting, for mail voting, for reintroducing and reforming the system of technical, vocational schools. I voted to bring things in the state budget in order, for all those who robbed the country until now to answer before the law. I voted with hope that a radical change for the life of each citizen starts tomorrow in the Republic of Moldova,” Renato Usatîi stated on Facebook Live.

The politician noted he is glad that the people vote in a large number, but said that the huge lines at the polling stations in some of the European countries represent disrespect for these people. He also said he received signals that people from the Transnistrian region are brought to polling stations in a large number, while yesterday some of the parties paid 400 to 1,000 lei per vote in a number of villages.

Renato Usatîi said he went to vote in Munich because Germany is one of the states where one can vote only with the negative PCR test for COVID-19. In the afternoon, he flies back to Chisinau.

Polling stations are open until 9pm. For the elections to be validated, the voter turnout should be of 1/3 of the citizens eligible to vote. The election threshold for a party is 5%, for an electoral bloc is 7%, while for independent candidates is 2%.