Public transport fare in Chisinau remains 6 lei


The court rejected the State Chancellery’s request to suspend the order to raise the public transport fare in the municipality of Chisinau to 6 lei, which took effect on July 1, mayor general Ion Ceban announced in the ordinary meeting of officials of municipal services.

The court rejected the lawsuit filed by the Chisinau local organization of the State Chancellery against the mayor general and the Chisinau Municipal Council as groundless. The mayor described the State Chancellery’s action as interference in the affairs of the local public administration.

The Chisinau Municipal Council approved the methodology for calculating the public transport fare in the municipality and the Chisinau City Hall later set the price of a trip by bus and trolleybus in the municipality at 6 lei. At the end of June, the municipality’s decision to increase the fare wad challenged in court.