PSRM about discussions on snap elections with parliamentary groups


The Party of Socialists said that in the course of this week it had discussions with representatives of a number of parliamentary groups. According to the PSRM, this exchange of opinions was constructive and underlined everyone’s wish to have snap parliamentary elections. But the opinions about the period when these elections should take place and how they should be induced differ, IPN reports.

“The discussions will continue and we will ultimately hold a news conference to communicate the reached conclusions. I reiterate that the PSRM has always wanted snap parliamentary elections, but these should be held in accordance with the constitutional provisions,” said the head of the Socialist parliamentary group Corneliu Furculiță.

“I want to draw again attention to the fact that Maia Sandu is no longer the president of the PAS. She is the Head of State and should take into account the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, not the interests of the party she led. It is the people’s problems, not the personal or PAS rating that should be in the President’s focus. We consider all the actions should be in accordance with the supreme law.”

In a TV program, President Maia Sandu next week will come up with a solution for breaking the political deadlock experienced by the Republic of Moldova. This week she will not nominate a candidate for Prime Minister and expects the MPs to undertake publicly that an eventual candidate proposed for premiership will not be voted in by the legislature.