Orhei authorities insist on local public health commission’s decision


The Orhei local extraordinary public health commission’s decision will have legal effects until the responsible state institutions issue an official document that would invalidate the given decision, the head of the Orhei District Council Dinu Țurcanu told a news conference, being quoted by IPN.

Dinu Țurcanu said the Orhei commission’s decision to allow students to physically attend classes does not run counter to the decision taken by the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission, but was only adjusted to the district’s particularities. 5,000 primary school students learn in villages of Orhei district and the switchover to online would put the parents of these children face to face with the risk of losing the job and the earnings.

The Orhei commission also allowed holding private events, such as wedding parties, baptizing ceremonies, commemoration or festive meals and public events. The amusement parks and recreational areas can also continue work. In the next meeting that was set for today, the commission will consider introducing the obligation for those who attend public events to do a rapid test bought from drugstores, said the head of the  Orhei District Council.

Dinu Țurcanu criticized the central authorities for not inviting the district heads and mayors to discuss decisions that cover the whole country before this are taken. When restrictions are imposed, these are not accompanied by social guarantees, as it is required.

The Government said the decisions concerning schools and public events announced by the local extraordinary public health commission of Orhei district are void, while the derogation from the decisions taken by the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission is a violation of the law.