New waste storage platforms to be set up in Chisinau


New waste storage platforms will start to be created in the capital city in the second half of June. The Public Amenities Division of the Chisinau Municipal Council announced a tender contest to choose the contractor.

Vasile Efros, head of the Division’s Territorial Development and Environment Unit, has told IPN that the waste storage platforms will be built because the tubes into which waste is thrown in some of the apartment buildings at present will be closed.

The platforms will be set up near apartment buildings in all the districts of Chisinau. Containers for recyclable waste, such as glass, metal and plastic, and containers for biodegradable waste will be placed on those platforms. Forty platforms will be created in total.

Bids to the contest can be submitted during May 30 and June 9.

Over 4 million lei was earmarked in the 2022 municipal budget for setting up the 40 waste storage platforms.