Igor Grosu about Cabinet reshuffles: Such an exercise is also necessary


The leader of the ruling party Igor Grosu admits that the way in which some of the areas are managed by the Executive is beyond the expectations of citizens and MPs. The Speaker noted that Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița will soon provide an assessment of the governmental team and Cabinet reshuffles will most probably follow, IPN reports.

The Speaker said that the grace period for the ministers from the Gavrilița Government expired and the work of each minister will be soon assessed. Premier Natalia Gavrilița will carry out an assessment and some of the Cabinet members can be dismissed.

“It is normal to carry out an assessment of the Cabinet members at a particular stage. There is a period of 100 days during which everyone refrains from criticizing the Government. But a moment comes when the performances needs to be assessed. I think the Prime Minister will do this. She will assess the areas. There are areas in which things go faster. There are areas in which tings could go faster. It is normal to put questions at a particular stage. We periodically invite ministers to the meetings of our parliamentary group. There are bills introduced by the group instead of the Government as the path is made shorter this way. Such an exercise as Cabinet reshuffles is also necessary at a particular stage,” Igor Grosu stated in the program “Prime Time” on PrimeTV channel.

The president of the Party of Action and Solidarity avoided saying which of the ministries do not meet the expiations of the parliamentary majority that invested the Government, noting that a decision will be taken by the Premier. Insured, Igor Grosu praised the teams of the Ministry of Health and the Mistruth of the Interior for properly managing the health and refugee crises.

The idea of the necessity of Cabinet reshuffles was also formulated by representatives of the opposition and of the government. Earlier ex-Premier Ion Sturza said the administration of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development should be replaced.