European integration implies European highways, Natalia Gavrilița


The Government plans to connect Moldova to the network of European highways so that the Moldovans could travel from Chisinau to Bucharest by thoroughfares, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița stated in a news conference held jointly with European Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean in the evening of July 25, IPN reports.

She noted that the transport and infrastructure projects form part of the great ambitions of the Government and a Ministry was established to manage these areas and to ensure financing for a number of road rehabilitation projects for the next few years.

“For us, it is important to continue the development and rehabilitation of the network of major national roads. Moldova will benefit from the new bridge over the Prut that will be built in Ungheni. This bridge will shorten the travel to Iasi by 30 minutes. We will have a new bridge over the Nistru, near Soroca, which will make the trip to Kiev shorter and will attract new freight flows. We will rehabilitate the Giurgiulești-Galați Bridge so as to increase its capacity. We have secured major financing for the Leușeni-Chisinau-Dubăsari, Unguri-Soroca, Tighina-Căușeni-Cimișlia, Slobozia Mare-Giurgiulești, Hîncești-Leova-Cantemir roads, the belt road in Vulcănești and other roads that will become building sites as from next year,” stated Premier Gavrilița.

The official also spoke about the actions taken to reinvigorate railway transport so as to connect Moldova to the European road transport network based on the progress made by Moldova in transposing the relevant Community acquis.

Underlining the importance of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit, Natalia Gavrilița pleaded not only for a strong political component that would reflect the country’s European aspirations and its European option, but also for additional sector opportunities, namely ambitious EU measures to ensure the green and digital transformation (European Green Deal), to implement the EU Mobility Program and to reorganize the energy complex.

For her part, Adina Vălean said that this is her first visit as a European Commissioner to a country outside the European Union and the fact that it is made to the Republic of Moldova gives it special importance. As to the subjects discussed with Premier Gavrilița, the European official said they conferred on the pragmatism of the Moldova Government, primarily in the transport sector. This commitment will be supported and the Republic of Moldova will enjoy complete financial, technical and administrative support for putting the made plans into practice.