EU candidate status is a chance that cannot be missed, statement


Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița said that Moldova took the historic opportunity offered by the European Union. The granting of the EU candidate status is a chance that cannot be missed and should be taken with a government that is sincerely committed to reforms, with the wish to bring the European economic and social standards to Moldova, IPN reports.

“It is a road wanted by most of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. For known reasons, our country missed a number of chances to separate itself from the past and our citizens during these years followed how the discrepancy between us and Estonia, Poland and Romania widened year after year even if in 1990 we all set off from the same starting line. The announcement made by the European Union today (June 23, e.n.) that the Republic of Moldova was accepted as an EU candidate country is fantastic news for all our citizens who love democracy and freedom. This is the materialization of the efforts made by all those who support the change, the fight against corruption and defended, sometimes with big sacrifices, the common values of the European space,” stated Natalia Garvilița.

Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu thanked the European countries for the trust given to Moldova. “We know what we need to do as we do the initiated reforms first of all for the citizens and because we wish to live with dignity. There is a long road ahead, but you should know that we set off and are more determined than ever to get home, to the European Union,” stated the Speaker. According to him, the candidate status was also granted to Ukraine, which in this period watches over the whole free world and the people of the Republic of Moldova are very grateful to it for this.

Ex-President of Moldova, Socialist Igor Dodon hasn’t commented on the European Council’s decision for now. However, in a message published before the decision was taken, the politician said that Moldova will not become an EU member state soon. ”I think the authorities are already preparing speeches for the historic day related to the obtaining of the EU candidate status. But such “historic days” were also in 2014, when the Association Agreement was signed and no end result was achieved. I think that Moldova will not become an EU member in the near future. It is not known for how long the EU will exist in general. Recently, the pro-European government in Bulgaria was dismissed, while the political crises expand. When such important and powerful states as the UK leave the EU, while Moldova, with its unsolved problems, including territorial ones, hurries somewhere, I think this is wrong,” stated Igor Dodon.

Ex-Premier Ion Chicu came with a message after the EU candidate status was granted to Moldova. “We thank the European Union for this chance! However, if the EU continues to apply double standards in our country and to tolerate the establishment by the analphabetic and corrupt grouping of Maia Sandu of dictatorship in the Republic of Moldova, this historic event will represent a historic disappointment for the Moldovans. I hope the mistakes made in the case of the Association Agreement that was signed in 2014 also “on credit” will not be repeated. Then, 14 billion lei was being stolen from the state reserves in parallel. They now steal comparable amounts,” wrote Ion Chicu.

European Council President Charles Michel announced the decision to grant Moldova and Ukraine the EU candidate status  on June 23 at a summit in Brussels, calling it a historic moment. “Today marks a crucial step on your path towards the EU,” Michel said. “Our future is together.”