Dorin Chirtoacă: Union became a hope


Childcare allowances of €50 to €100 a month, agricultural subsidies of €170 per hectare, monthly pensions of €200 to €500 and salaries of €500 to €1,000. These are figures that describe the realities in Romania that were enumerated by Dorin Chirtoacă, the candidate for President the UNION Electoral Bloc.

In a video interview for IPN News Agency, he said the people see that the life is better on the other side of the Prut, while the pensions, salaries and childcare allowances, agricultural subsidies, investments and free European funds are accessible to all the citizens and these amount to hundreds and thousands of euros. These things are real and do not compare with the promises made by practically all the candidates for President. What is real in Romania cannot be seen in the promises made by these.

According to Dorin Chirtoacă, the slogan with which he entered the campaign prior to the presidential elections is “Union for All”. His goal is to promote the union in the upcoming elections and in all the elections that will be held from now on so that the people realize the benefits of the union. “Union was earlier a scarecrow, but ten years ago, when we managed to achieve results in this elections, the union became a hope,” stated the candidate.

He also said that the union with Romania is the only way by which prosperity, security, peace and welfare can be achieved in the Republic of Moldova. Time has come when the unionist current can be openly promoted until the union objective is achieved.

Dorin Chirtoacă is the president of the Liberal Party and the co-president of the UNION Electoral Bloc that also includes the National Liberal Party, the Save Bessarabia Union, the National People’s Party and the Party “Democracy at Home”. He is one of the eight candidates competing for presidency in the November 1 elections.