Dodon about scandal involving Golovatiuc: It is a frame-up


It is a frame-up planned by the current government in a move to secure reasons for recalling Moldova’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation, the leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon started, referring to the sexual scandal involving ex-ambassador Vladimir Golovatiuc. Dodon noted the person who accuses Golovatiuc of sexual harassment plays by the rule of the Party of Action and Solidarity, while the government resorts to such stratagems in order to remove the political rivals, IPN reports.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Moscow Vladimir Golovatiuc was recalled by a decision of the Gavrilița Government back in August following a scandal involving him. Golovatiuc was accused of sexual harassment by a female employee of the embassy. Igor Dodon is sure that the accusations made against Golovatiuc are unfounded.

“It was a frame-up by the current government so as to dismiss Golovatiuc. I know that the person who accused him of harassment had been involved in other scandals. The current government uses such methods in a bid to remove the inconvenient persons. It does not go to ambassadors only. We also see the government’s behavior in relation to some of the media outlets that supported this government. I’m sure that they will continue at the same pace,” Igor Dodon stated in a program on PublikaTV channel.

Dodon said the decision to exclude Golovatiuc from the team of the Party of Socialists hasn’t been yet taken. During the rule of the PSRM-ACUM majority, the coalition partners of the Socialists highly appreciated the professionalism of Golovatiuc.

“We discussed with Vladimir Golovatiuc after that scandal and he asked us not to become involved. He returned to the Republic of Moldova, but it is not yet clear if he will yet form part of our team. He is one of the best economists of the Republic of Moldova. In 2019, when we were in power together with PAS, they even proposed examining the candidacy of Golovatiuc for the post of governor of the National Bank,” noted Dodon.

Vladimir Golovatiuc was named Moldova’s Ambassador in Moscow in December 2020. Accepting the post of ambassador, Golovatiuc renounced then the seat of MP that he won on the Socialist ticket in 2019.