Beyond objective factors that fuel inflation, there is also bad management of state affairs, opinions


Representatives of the extraparliamentary opposition said that beyond objective factors that fuel price rises, the Republic of Moldova witnesses also bad management of state affairs. According to representatives of extra-parliamentary parties, the institutions that need to keep inflation under control show inaction and incompetence. For their part, representatives of the government said the increase in prices is a global phenomenon and the Republic of Moldova is also impacted, IPN reports.

The representatives of the extraparliamentary opposition said the unprecedented inflation witnessed in the Republic of Moldova in the recent past is also generated by the inaction of state institutions that should protect consumers’ rights.

“They have long spoken about the incompetence of those from the Competition Council. Do we have any criminal case, collected information for starting a criminal case against fuel importers that do what they want? The cartel interests prevail and it is the duty of the state to become involved as a liter of oil is sold for 50 lei,” the representative of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Kiril Moțpan stated in the talk show “Expertise Hour” on JurnalTV channel.

“The exorbitant price of oil products is one of the main problems in villages, in agriculture. It is not a secret that the prices grew in Europe too owing to the war. Until Europe restores supplies from other sources than Russia, the price will remain high,” said Alexei Busuioc, of the Party of Law and Justice.

The representatives of the government noted that the Republic of Moldova is dependent on the developments on the international market and witnessed inflation is imported from outside as the country imports a large part of the necessary products.

“It is a global problem and we should not hide this. I each day talk to people from the diaspora and they tell me that the prices at shops in Italy grew two-three times. The price of oil in Italy rose also over two times,” said MP of the ruling Party of Action and Solidarity Mihai Druță.

Former MP Iurie Reniță said the economic crisis is also due to the government’s incapacity to manage the state of affairs. Also, the Moldova authorities make inacceptable concessions to the separatist regime in Tiraspol.

“Beyond the objective preconditions that generated price rises, there is also such a factor as inefficient management of state affairs. A monster was created as part of the Cabinet – the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development – and this swallowed 70% of the budget, while the Ministry of Economy is rather like a decoration. We are hostage to an old harmful policy. We continue to subsidize a part of the Republic of Moldova that is not subordinate to Chisinau. We have the absolutely uninspired bargain with the steel works and the Kuchurgan power plant. This is a political and financial bargain and we accept a formula as if we are two subjects of international law,” said Iurie Reniță.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in April 2022 the prices in the Republic of Moldova grew by 27% compared with the same period last year. Also, the National Bank of Moldova announced that inflation the next few months can reach 31%.