BEM depositors who will get indexed deposits in 2021 agreed


The Government approved the age categories of the depositors of Banca de Economii (BEM) for paying the sums indexed in 2021. These are the depositors born before 1991 inclusive, who will get the indexed deposits at the first indexation stage, and the depositors born before 1957 inclusive, who will get the indexed deposits at the second indexation stage, IPN reports.

The state budget law for 2021 includes 70 million lei for the purpose.

In the Cabinet meeting, Tatiana Ivanichkina, secretary of state at the Ministry of Finance, said the citizens must go to the offices of the state-run enterprise “Moldova’s Post Office” with the identity card and the documents confirming savings in accounts opened before January 1, 1992.

The indexation of the deposits made at the BEM started in 2003. Under the law, 1,000 rubles per depositor are indexed at the first stage at the ratio of 1 ruble : 1 leu, while at the second stage, at the ratio of 2.5 rubles : 1 leu.