Angelica Caraman elected CEC president


Angelica Caraman, who was recently designated by Parliament as a member of the Central Election Commission, was elected president of the institution. The election of the CEC vice president and secretary was put off, IPN reports.

At the start of the September 17 meeting of the Commission, CEC member Pavel Postica proposed putting off the examination of two issues – the election of the CEC vice president and the election of the CEC secretary – given that the Commission has now only six members and its composition is not full. Therefore, it was decided to return to the issues after the three CEC members representing the opposition are nominated.

Pavel Postica also proposed Angelica Caraman for CEC president, saying that she has the richest experience in the organization of elections as an electoral functionary.

Angelica Caraman noted that CEC will work in accordance with the legal provisions, efficiency, correctly and in the interests of the people. “I thank you for your confidence. I’m sure I will further enjoy your support so that we ensure the functionality of the Central Election Commission. We will work together so as to meet citizens’ expectations,” stated the CEC president.

The new CEC now consists of only six members. These are: Pavel Postica, who was nominated by the President, and Alexandru Berlinschii, Angelica Caraman, Sergiu Gurduza, Ludmila Lupașco and Alexandru Musteața, who were named by the PAS MPs. The candidate  proposed by the Șor group was rejected by the parliamentary majority, while the candidates suggested by the MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists haven’t been examined yet as the BCS group left the Parliament’s sitting.