AA should be implemented regardless of EU internal developments, suggests Polish ambassador


Whatever happens in the European Union after the upcoming European Parliament elections and in the years to come, everything that is written in the Association Agreement between Moldova and the EU, and in the 20 deliverables by 2020, remains to be implemented for the own benefit of Moldova, Polish Ambassador Bartłomiej Zdaniuk told an interview with IPN.
The diplomat believes the EU will evolve. “It’s hard to tell in which direction, but it will evolve. Some things are unlikely to change, though. First of all, I think people in Europe value greatly the freedom of movement, the freedom to travel, to move around goods, services and capital. These things have become extremely important. What do you mean we can no longer freely travel from one country to another, do we go back to border checks, visas and passports?! I don’t think anyone wants to go back experiencing such a situation where travel visas are required again.
“The same thing with trade. If we like a commodity from a certain country and would like to buy it, we certainly wouldn’t want to pay a higher price due to customs duties. This condition of freedom is something that I think cannot be reversed. We like being part of a community. Then, every country has its own interests and lobbies for them, which is something natural. That is why all the commitments assumed by Moldova are worth fulfilling because the reform efforts will produce beneficial results for the country, regardless of how the European Union evolves”, stated Bartłomiej Zdaniuk.
As for the European Parliament elections at the end of May, the ambassador noted that the European Parliament is a an institution whose powers are not negligible. “What do we expect? First of all, we expect that the voice of the people will hopefully become the most important”.