11 candidates chosen for interview for post of judge at ECHR


Eleven of the 13 candidates who applied for the post of judge at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on behalf of the Republic of Moldova were admitted to the second stage of the contest, IPN reports.

According to the Ministry of Justice, in its first meeting the commission for selecting candidates for the post of judge at the ECHR examined the eligibility of the 13 candidates. Eleven of these were chosen. These are: Alexandru Prisac, Vitalie Gamurari, Marin Gurin, Lilian Moraru, Lilian Apostol, Vladislav Gribincea, Vladimir Grosu, Victor Burac, Gheorghe Mîțu, Nicolae Eșanu, Diana Scobioală.

The interview stage will take place at the Ministry of Justice on January 27, starting at 11am.

The Ministry of Justice announced the national contest to choose the judge at the ECHR on December 24. The competition is open to judges of the highest moral standing, jurists with recognized competence and knowledge in the national legal system and public international law and with legal experience as practitioners.