Piotr Guțul: Russian should become second official language

Representatives of the national public organization “Consumer Protection” plead for declaring the Russian language the second official language in the Republic of Moldova. All the state institutions, including the courts of law, the Prosecutor’s Offices and the Ministry of the Interior, should be obliged to respond to the requests formulated in Russian in the same language.

In a news conference at IPN, the head of “Consumer Protection” Piotr Guțul said that the responses he got to the multiple requests made to state institutions were in the official language, not in Russian in which the applications were written. He would like the responses to be in Russian because the organization he resents does not have financial resources for translations.

Olga Titova told the same news conference that the Russian language should be appreciated and promoted as an interethnic communication language. “The Russian language only enriches the Moldovan language and other languages with its culture,” stated the woman. She suggested that the education authorities are to blame for the fact that not everyone knows or speaks the official language as the school programs are inappropriate, while the Russian language has always been taught in a proper way.

The woman complained that those who speak Russian, especially the elderly people, do not have access to directions for medicines as these are in the official language only. This is a violation of the human rights and the candidates running for office of President should take this aspect into account. “Igor Dodon promised that the directions will be in two languages, including Russian as this is an interethnic communication language,” stated Olga Titova.

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